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02/19/2020 - Mailbag! The FOOL-PROOF way to protect yourself from the coronavirus

Did you eat THIS for breakfast this morning? According to the National Institute of Health, this food could be killing your prostate… Causing you to run to the bathroom every hour… and making it so you NEVER feel truly relieved. In fact, if you eat this food on a regular basis, chances are good that you’re waking up 2, 3, or even 5 […] Read

02/19/2020 - Fight Alzheimer’s disease… with color?! (Wow!)

WANTED: Men and Women Over 65 to Try This “Senior Smart Pill” You’ve been selected to try a breakthrough memory supplement. Created by world-renowned medical doctor Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, this new discovery is being called the world’s 1st “smart pill for seniors.” Meaning: It can help you increase your attention, memory, and focus — starting in just […] Read

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Weird “Eggshell Method” relieves sore joints starting in 7 days

Have you ever cracked an egg?

Have you ever noticed what’s on the INSIDE of the egg?

The substance that keeps the eggshell together?

Well, on June 9, 2009, 4 brilliant scientists uncovered an unusual substance on the inside of eggshells that has the power to help relieve sore, stiff, overworked joints.

It sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what happened for the men and women who tried this “eggshell method” in a clinical study.

This “eggshell method” starts working in just 7 days. And after 30 days, people who tried this method reported their discomfort decreased by 73%.

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