WHAT?! New diabetes drug linked to CANCER

Want to know the fastest way to get a tumor?

Just put your health in the government’s and Big Pharma’s hands.

I’m not saying that Uncle Sam and the drug companies are TRYING to give you cancer.

I’m saying they don’t give a damn whether you get cancer or not.

How else can you explain the FDA’s recent decision to approve a new version of the diabetes med Rybelsus?

It sounds like the name of an evil supervillain… and if you ask me, that’s EXACTLY what it is when it comes to your health.

You see, even the FDA admits that Rybelsus should not be a “first choice” for treating diabetes.

Well in a Twilight Zone turn of events, I’ve got to agree with the FDA on this one.

But I’d go a step further to say Rybelsus should NEVER be a choice for treating diabetes.

Why? Because it’s actually been linked to deadly thyroid cancer.

The FDA has even come right out and said that Rybelsus is “not recommended” if you— or even a relative! — has had thyroid cancer.

That’s a red flag about the size of a football field!

What’s even more criminal is Rybelsus has BEEN on the market… which means the FDA has known about the damage it’s been causing.

And done nothing about it.

In fact, instead of pulling Rybelsus off the market, the FDA is allowing new versions of it.

What’s the difference between the “old” version and the “new”?

The “new” version isn’t an injection… it’s a pill.

So you might save yourself a poke now, but you’ll have a pain in your rear in the long run.

And the link with thyroid cancer is just one of the problems with Rybelsus.

You can get an inflamed pancreas, vision loss, or even a kidney injury.

And, of course, it comes with the classic side effects trio: diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

So I say… why bother?

There are DOZENS of diabetes drugs already on the market. There was no reason at all Rybelsus needed to be approved… and there’s no reason at all for you to take it.

Instead, talk with your doc about OTHER options. And while you’re at it, check out berberine. This natural supplement has been shown in multiple clinical trials to lower your blood sugar… and even help shrink your waistline!

You can find berberine online or in your favorite health foods store.