Unbelievable! Big Pharma and mainstream docs just flipped you the BIRD!

Listen, you may not always agree with me, and that’s OK.

But I hope you’ll agree with this -- I call it like I see it.

People have called me a quack and a conspiracy theorist for saying that the drug companies and most mainstream docs don’t give a damn about you.

These are people you trust with your life. And they care MUCH more about making their BMW payments than they care about whether you live or die.

Now I’m going to prove it to you and burn it into your brain forever. Because Big Pharma and mainstream physicians have just teamed up to give you the middle finger.

In fact, they’re laughing at all of us.

I’ve told you about the Sunshine Act before.

It’s a law that requires doctors to disclose payments they’re receiving from the drug companies.

You know, those free dinners, bogus “speaking fees,” and luxury vacations they’re accepting from the same corporations that orchestrated the opioids crisis.

It was supposed to shame both the drug companies and doctors into behaving themselves.

The only problems? They don’t have any shame and they don’t give a damn what we think.

A new government report shows that doctors are now taking MORE money from Big Pharma than ever before.

The 2018 payments came out to $9.35 BILLION, which was an increase of $380 million from 2017.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Like I said, they’re giving ALL of us the finger.

In fact, doctors seem to be most upset that they have to report the payments and things like free lunches. They’re saying, “Who cares?”

Well, I CARE! And I bet you do, too.

If a drug works well and can improve patients’ lives, Big Pharma shouldn’t have to buy doctors steak dinners to get them to prescribe it.

But they hand out cash and incentives to doctors because it works, and that’s disgusting.

It’s time to start holding all of these clowns responsible ourselves.

The government’s Sunshine Act website is a pain in the arse to use, which is helping both doctors and drug companies who want to hide their transactions.

But ProPublica has a super user-friendly Dollars for Docs website where you can check out your physicians.

Search for your doctors here: https://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/

And if they’re taking drug company cash, it’s time for you to let them hear about it -- or find new doctors who have a set of morals.