Wrong again! This mainstream diet advice could KILL you

It’s like making a deal with the devil: If you want to LIVE, you just have to let one piece of you DIE! 

That’s what the mainstream wants. 

KILL your taste buds. Yank them out, set ’em on fire, and bury them in a ditch – because the key to a long life, it claims, is to give up the one tiny secret ingredient that brings out the flavor in your food. 

It wants you to give up salt. 

Well, friend, if you’ve made that devil’s bargain… and if you’re regretting it already… it’s time for a resurrection. 

Add some salt and bring your taste buds BACK TO LIFE — because new research reveals how the mainstream got it EXACTLY wrong. 

Cutting the salt won’t cut your risks except in the most extreme cases. Going low-sodium could even make some risks WORSE! 

The new study finds that the soul-sapping, joy-sucking, food-ruining low-sodium diet is essentially meaningless. Many folks could even DOUBLE the mainstream’s recommended “limits” with no problems at all. 

Sure, too much can boost your odds of heart problems and death, especially if you already have high blood pressure. 

No one doubts that. While salt is essential, it’s always possible to get “too much of a good thing.” 

The issue is the definition of “too much,” which the study finds isn’t anything CLOSE to what the mainstream is pestering you about. It’s 12 grams a day or more, which is TWICE the daily limit. 

If you’re topping those levels, it might be time to ease up. 

For most everyone else, the real danger isn’t too much sodium. It’s too LITTLE, as dipping below 3 grams a day can increase the odds of heart problems and even death. 

Obviously, you need to watch it a little to make sure you don’t cross that more generous 12-gram limit (or lower if you know you are sensitive to salt). 

The easy solution isn’t to measure every little grain that comes out of your shaker. 

Just avoid processed foods, which are practically made of salt. 

The study also confirms another detail you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose: Salt isn’t about some magical limit. 

It’s about BALANCE with other nutrients and minerals, especially the balance with potassium. And if you boost your own potassium intake, you could cut your risk of heart disease, stroke, and death all at once. 

Even if your sodium intake is a little on the high side, it’s as if one can cancel out the other… and instead of facing risks, you could enjoy big-time health-boosting benefits. 

Not bad for something you can get from a banana!