The REAL reason NOBODY is losing weight

How many diets have you tried in the past couple of years? 

I bet that number is a whole lot bigger than you’d care to admit. But don’t be too hard on yourself. You didn’t fail the diet. 

The diet failed YOU! 

Two new reports expose the ugly truth about dieting and weight loss. And taken together, they reveal why so many people are dieting… yet NEVER lose any weight. 

The first one shows what I bet you’ve suspected – what you’ve probably seen yourself out there in your own desperate diet attempts. 

It finds that just about EVERYONE is trying one diet or another. 

Half of all American adults – 125 million people! – tried at least one diet between 2013 and 2016. 

How’d it work out for them? 

About the same as it probably did for you! 

Despite ALL of these millions of people dieting… despite all of those efforts to lose weight… the number of Americans who are overweight or obese hasn’t budged. 

Not a drop. 

In some segments, the numbers have gone UP – a pretty tough act to pull off when nearly 70 percent are overweight and/or obese. 

The second report shows WHY. 

All the advice you keep hearing… the diet “tips” and “tricks” from the mainstream… the “eat this, not that” nonsense… the books, clubs, and frozen meals… the calorie counting… ALL of it is guaranteed to fail. 

They fail because the mainstream just admitted that it’s absolutely clueless when it comes to WHY people gain weight and HOW they can lose it: The American Heart Association has confessed that it’s been sending out the wrong message. 

In the past, it has told us to “Eat a variety of foods every day,” only it’s found – here in 2019 – that maybe that’s not the right approach after all. 


You’d think that those “experts” would throw their hands up and get out of the diet advice game altogether, considering all the lives they’ve ruined with this nonsense. 


Now they say that they just want people to eat “healthy”… and you know what that means. More advice guaranteed to keep people fatter and sicker. 

For example, they’re urging people to switch to low-fat dairy… despite studies showing FULL-FAT dairy can protect your heart. 

Switching to low-fat can actually hurt it. 

They’re also pushing “plants” and “vegetable oil,” so get ready for soy nuggets cooked in canola. 

This is the exact opposite of sound science. This is years of false assumptions from the mainstream all jumbled up in one bad plan — and believe it or not, this isn’t even the worst new diet idea out there. 

I’ll have more on that coming up tomorrow – plus a simple way to achieve what 125 million Americans have so far failed to accomplish.