[DISCOVERED] Simple vitamin SLOWS diabetes to a CRAWL

Let me tell you, friend, diabetes isn’t just a slippery slope… 

It’s like roller skating on an oil slick.  

Over time it can wreck your heart and brain… cost you toes and limbs… and even leave you blind.  

The damage just piles up… and piles up some more.  

But what if you could actually SLOW the progression of your diabetes… and maybe even FREEZE it in time? 

Just imagine all of the misery you’d spare yourself.  

Well, believe it or not, all you may need is a little vitamin D.  

According to new research from Université Laval in Quebec, Canada, the “sunshine vitamin” keeps your diabetes from advancing by:  

  1. Helping your body use insulin more effectively 
  2. Improving how your cells metabolize glucose 

That’s some one-two punch! 

And both of these things are critical -- because when you have diabetes, your body may not be making enough (or any) insulin… or that insulin may be struggling to deliver glucose to your cells.  

The sugar just stays in your bloodstream… like a wrecking ball… causing damage throughout your body.  

So anything that could help insulin work better and improve how you process glucose can be a HUGE help in your fight against diabetes.  

Now, I’m sure you know that your body makes vitamin D naturally from the sun. And you should always make sure you’re getting plenty of sun.  

But your body also gets less efficient at making vitamin D as you age. So supplementing is your best bet.  

Vitamin D supplements are incredibly cheap -- and if they could give you an upper hand against diabetes, they seem like a no-brainer to me.