Ancient needle trick makes chest pain DISAPPEAR

What is it with guys and needles??? 

I’ve seen guys who fought their way through the jungles of Vietnam… who’ve ripped fish hooks out of their own hands… and who’ve pounded their thumbs with hammers more times than they can count. 

But get them near a needle… or any type of shot… and they start PANICKING! 

So ask your typical guy if he’s ever had acupuncture, and get ready for some weird looks. 

Getting needles in your body? Voluntarily? NO WAY! 

But for all of the men and women out there suffering from angina, acupuncture just may be the answer to your prayers. 

Angina is no joke. Your ticker isn’t getting enough oxygen… and the pain can be so bad that it feels like a heart attack.  

So how would fewer angina attacks sound to you? Pretty good right? 

Well, a new study out of China has found that when folks with angina added acupuncture to their treatment plan, a whole lot of chest pain DISAPPEARED.  

People who got acupuncture three times a week for 16 weeks had an average of six fewer angina attacks 

Six fewer attacks! That could be LIFE-CHANGING for you or someone you love… 

There’s been plenty of research on how acupuncture relieves pain (the military even uses it), and it increases blood flow, which could be helpful with angina.  

So what about all of those needles? 

Friend, I’ve had acupuncture several times -- and the needles are so small that you barely feel them.  

And, trust me -- any discomfort from acupuncture is a hell of a lot better than an angina attack.  

Now, the world of acupuncture is a little like the Wild West -- and you want to make sure you get someone good.  

So look for a licensed medical acupuncturist (not some gal at the mall). 

Go to to find someone skilled near you.