Throw your sleeping pills in the TRASH (They’re WRECKING your brain!)

You’ve tried counting sheep… you can’t stop staring at the clock… and you’re practically wearing out your sheets tossing and turning.  

You’d do ANYTHING for a few hours of shut-eye.  

Well, maybe you wouldn’t do ANYTHING.  

I bet you wouldn’t turn your brain to mush just to grab 40 winks.  

But that’s EXACTLY the deal Big Pharma is asking you to accept… and it’s practically CRIMINAL.  

A new study found that people who take sleep drugs at least five times a month were more than 40 percent more likely to develop dementia within 15 years. 

We’re talking about MILLIONS of people here, friend! Maybe even you… or your spouse.  

This isn’t even the first study to link sleep meds to dementia -- and it’s just common sense.  

These drugs are like sledgehammers, and lots of their labels warn against using your car or heavy machinery the whole next day.  

They mess with your brain so much that you can’t drive to the grocery store after one night’s use… just imagine the damage they’re doing over YEARS! 

And here’s what REALLY gets me worked up… of all the USELESS drugs on the market today, sleep meds may just take the cake.  

There is literally ZERO need for these knockout pills.  

Natural sleep supplements are INCREDIBLY well-studied… and effective.  

Some of the best are magnesium and L-theanine (for calming you down) and melatonin and valerian for helping you fall (and stay) asleep.  

Melatonin is like a “master switch” that tells our bodies when to sleep… and when to wake up.  

And our levels tend to plummet as we age.  

These supplements should be your first line of defense when you need some extra help sleeping.  

Because Big Pharma’s sleep drugs aren’t just useless… they’re absolutely POISON for your brain.