You just got SCREWED by the drug companies (and the media IGNORED it)

I’ve heard it a million times… 

Every time I go on a rant against Big Pharma… every time I point out that these greedy fat-cat drug execs don’t give a damn about you… the emails start pouring in.  

Some folks call me a quack… or a conspiracy theorist… or say I’m off my rocker.  

Well, first of all, friend, I don’t have a rocker -- I have a La-Z-Boy.  

Second, I’m about to settle this debate once and for all.  

Because Big Pharma just absolutely screwed you, your family, and everyone you know… and there’s no denying that this plot was pure EVIL.  

I told you several weeks ago how the Trump Administration put out a new rule that would require drug companies to list their prices in advertisements.  

Basically, if the drug costs more than $35, Big Pharma would have to tell you.  

Now, maybe you’ve noticed that you haven’t started seeing the pricing in ads yet.  

And you probably never will.  

A federal judge recently blocked the rule from going into effect -- but let’s be REALLY clear about what actually happened here.  

Three separate drug companies went to court… and actually SUED THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT… so they wouldn’t have to reveal their pricing to you.  

They hired $500-an-hour lawyers… paid the filing fees… you name it. All to keep you in the dark.  

Of course, the mainstream media practically IGNORED this whole development (think it may have something to do with all of those Big Pharma ad dollars?). 

Just think about the bad rap that used car dealers get. But you almost NEVER see a used car commercial that doesn’t include pricing.  

These Big Pharma fat-cats are the worst, most unethical souls on the planet.  

Maybe you think it doesn’t matter… because you have Medicare.  

But, remember, these high drug prices end up pushing you into that Medicare “donut hole” FAST -- where suddenly you’re out of pocket for everything.  

With a little research, you can still find the cost of most drugs online -- and that’s exactly what you should do anytime you’re prescribed anything.  

Then you can ask if there are generics or cheaper alternatives available.  

Look out for your own finances, friend -- because the criminals at Big Pharma damn sure don’t care about them.