[SHOCKING] The medical mistake SECRET doctors are HIDING!

There are two things I NEVER want to hear come out of my doctor’s mouth.  

“What’s that?” and “Oops!” 

And, trust me, I’m way more worried about the “Oops!” 

We put our lives in our doctors’ hands… and we know they’re not perfect, but we try to believe that medical mistakes are rare.  

Well, friend, it’s time to guess again.  

A massive new study of American patients found that one out of every 10 people is the victim of a medical mistake at some point in their lives.  

Your chances of a medical mistake wrecking or even ending your life aren’t one in a hundred… or one in a thousand.  

They’re one in 10 -- and that’s terrifying. 

Researchers found that half of these mistakes are easily preventable -- and 12 percent of them actually end up with someone dying.  

So how are docs screwing up? 

We’ve all heard the stories about surgical sponges or instruments being left inside bodies.  

That might make for interesting television -- but let’s face it, those types of mistakes are pretty rare.  

The most common medical mistakes actually involve… drumroll, please… PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! 

Doctors give you meds you don’t need… they don’t check for interactions with stuff you’re already taking… or they give you terrible instructions, and you end up overdosing.  

Friend, I’ve been screaming about these problems for years.  

We’re in an age of “conveyor belt medicine,” where doctors are itching to get you out of their offices as quickly as possible.  

And they know the best way to do that is to quickly hand you a prescription and send you on your way.  

It’s a recipe for tragedy.  

Friend, you need to take matters into your own hands. You need to be your own healthcare advocate.  

Always ask a TON of questions when you’re being given a new drug… or are being told you need a medical procedure.  

Don’t let the doc leave until all of your questions are answered and you’re fully satisfied.  

You may feel like a squeaky wheel. But being a squeaky wheel could end up saving your life.