The underwater secret for STOPPING heart failure

Let me tell you something, friend.  

Fish oil is the Rodney Dangerfield of supplements -- it gets NO respect.  

There are REAMS of studies proving that fish oil is GREAT for your brain and could stop deadly heart disease.  

And the drug companies are so SCARED of fish oil that they’ve spent YEARS trying to tear it down.  

But a new study is settling the debate once and for all.  

It proves… beyond a shadow of doubt… that fish oil can stop heart failure COLD.  

Researchers from the University of Rochester looked at more than 6,000 people. And they found that folks with the highest blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil (like EPA and DHA) were much less likely to develop heart failure.  

The more omega-3s in their system, the less likely they were to have heart trouble.  

If you don’t have heart failure, friend, trust me -- you don’t want it.  

Because it’s a short walk between “heart failing” and “heart failed” -- and your ticker gives out for good.  

One of the secrets behind fish oil is that it dramatically lowers your levels of inflammation -- one of the key drivers of heart disease.  

And you don’t need much.  

Even a somewhat low dose -- a single gram per day -- was enough to decrease the numbers of deaths and hospitalizations in another four-year trial. 

Plus, fish oil is incredibly safe… which you can’t say about most heart drugs.  

Tune out the Big Pharma naysayers -- fish oil is the one supplement that practically EVERYONE should be taking.  

It keeps your heart thump-thumping with the best of them.  

And anything that could keep you from a heart failure diagnosis is a no-brainer, as far as I’m concerned.