Harvard researchers are BEGGING you to stop aspirin (Here’s why…)

Imagine a health problem so serious, every man, woman and child in the entire state of Texas was threatened.  

We’d be calling it a crisis… an epidemic.  

We’d send in the Centers for Disease Control in hazmat suits… hell, we’d send in the National Guard.  

Believe it or not, this health crisis is happening RIGHT NOW, friend.  

It doesn’t involve some strange new virus or wacky bacteria run amok.  

In fact, it’s being caused by that bottle of aspirin sitting in your medicine cabinet. 

Researchers from Beth Israel hospital in Boston… that’s the hospital for Harvard Medical School… are literally BEGGING millions of Americans to stop taking aspirin right away.  

And that could include you or someone you love.  

Now, I didn’t go to Harvard Medical School… but maybe they’ll make me an honorary dean or something. Because I’ve been saying this for AGES! 

You see, for DECADES Big Pharma tried to convince us that taking a daily aspirin was a good way for seniors to avoid a heart attack or stroke.  

The only problem? There was ZERO evidence to back this up in folks with no history of heart disease.  

But we’ve been brainwashed, friend!  

The Beth Israel researchers found that 29 million Americans with NO known heart disease… about equal to the whole population of Texas… are still taking aspirin every day.  

They’re putting their lives on the line for absolutely NOTHING.  

There have been AT LEAST three landmark studies showing that aspirin does these folks WAY more harm than good.  

That’s because it’s practically like taking a cheese grater to your gut lining… and it increases your risk of potentially deadly brain and stomach bleeds.  

Meanwhile, it does practically NOTHING to stop a heart attack or stroke.  

Only a VERY small number of people meet the criteria for taking low-dose aspirin every day.  

In other words, you’re probably not on the list.  

Harvard is about as mainstream as you can get, friend. So if they’re sounding the alarm, you know this is serious.  

If you haven’t had a heart attack and are still taking aspirin every day, it’s time to break free from the Big Pharma brainwashing.  

You may end up saving your own life in the process.