Natural cocktail gives you bones of STEEL

The mainstream bone heads are at it again… 

This time they’re trying to BULLY and BADGER you away from the proven natural therapies that can protect your thinning bone and keep you on your feet. 

They’re out with a bone-brained new report that claims you can load up on vitamin D all you want… glug back glass after glass of milk… bask in the sun… and swallow a supplement. 

And it won’t do jack to prevent a bone crack! 

I’ll tell you who’s got a crack all right. These researchers… 

They got a crack in the head if they think vitamin D won’t help, a statement that flies in the face of logic, sanity and basic biology. 

Sure, they CLAIM they looked at the science themselves. 

I’m sure they impressed all their mainstream pals with the numbers. 

They looked at DOZENS of studies… involving THOUSANDS of patients… and claim the net result is D won’t stop your bone from turning into pretzel sticks. 

The study finds NO help with fracture risk – including hip fractures – and won’t keep you upright so you don’t fall over. It won’t even give your bone mineral density a tiny little boost. 

Their conclusion: Don’t bother. 

Actually, it’s worse than that. 

They not only say don’t bother, but INSIST no one else should ever study vitamin D for bone health again, because this is the final word. 

You couldn’t come up with better propaganda for bone drugs if you tried! 

Most of the studies in the analysis looked at vitamin D alone. The researchers claim they ignored calcium because – get this – that doesn’t work either. 


Each one needs the other, and that’s not all. 

Without magnesium and vitamin K, calcium and vitamin D are practically worthless. 

It’s an all-or-nothing deal where you need all four. 

Imagine trying to make chocolate chip cookies. 

You need flour, sugar, butter and chocolate chips. None of these ingredients are optional; miss one, and you won’t be having chocolate chip cookies. 

It’s the same deal with your bones. 

You need all four – at a minimum – and without even one, your bones will start to crumble like… well… a cookie. 

Vitamin D helps you absorb the calcium and stops it from calcifying while magnesium and vitamin K are like traffic cops that send it where it needs to go… right into your bones. 

A good bone formula isn’t vitamin D. It’s not calcium. It’s not even D and calcium. 

You need all four, and if diet alone doesn’t cut it you’ll need a supplement to pick up the slack. 

Just speak to your doc first, especially if you’re on blood thinners, as excess vitamin K won’t play nice with your meds.