[Urgent Warning] Don’t Eat Another Veggie Until You Read THIS

You have to hand it to that nasty weed-killing poison Roundup.  

It just keeps on giving… 

But what it seems to be “giving” is dead-serious health problems to folks who get too close to the stuff.  

And that may include you or the people you love.   

I’ve told you before how the World Health Organization and plenty of other researchers have found that glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup) may be linked to cancer… especially non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma  

But like I said, Roundup just keeps on giving… or taking, I guess.  

Because a brand-new study has just found that glyphosate also may be causing serious liver damage.  

So even if you avoid cancer… now you need to worry about liver disease.  

You’ve GOT TO BE KIDDING! How are they still selling this stuff?!? 

Researchers looked at folks with liver disease, and guess what they found?  

Their pee was SWIMMING in high levels of glyphosate.  

And it gets worse. It seems like the glyphosate came from their diets.  

That’s a BIG problem for you. Because Roundup is being sprayed all over our crops, especially genetically-modified fruits and veggies.  

On top of that, Bayer -- the conglomerate that makes Roundup -- and the government still keep trying to tell us it’s SAFE.  

Not too long ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a statement claiming that glyphosate poses zero risk to public health and that it “probably isn’t carcinogenic.” 

Probably. Probably!? 

Heck, when the government says “probably” anything, you’d better start running.  

Now, with this new liver study, I don’t know how anyone can still defend this stuff.  

The solution to this dilemma is easy: STOP using Roundup around your home, and avoid any genetically modified produce.  

It may cost a little more… but it makes a lot more sense than cancer and a broken down liver.