They’re Putting WHAT in Your Spine?! (GROSS!)

Imagine being brought to a hospital, where they give you a dirty gown that someone else was wearing an hour ago.  

Then they lead you to a bed where the nasty sheets haven’t been changed since the last guy.  

They’re contaminated with tissue… DNA… blood… and God knows what else.  

You’d never stand for this level of filth, right? 

Well, believe it or not, something just as gross is happening to people who get common spinal surgeries.  

In fact, when you go in for a spinal fusion procedure, you’re subjecting yourself to screws that have particles of soap -- as well as tissue and fat of other human beings -- stuck to their surfaces.  

Oh, and the metal is already eroding. 

How the HECK is this happening? Let me explain…  

There are things called pedicle screws that anchor spinal segments in your body. These screws come in trays containing 150 of them. 

Your surgeon opens the tray during the surgery… but he only needs six or seven of the screws.  

Then, he takes the remaining, unused screws and washes -- or “reprocesses” them -- right alongside all the filthy tools and instruments he used in the surgery.  

That’s how these screws get covered in blood and gore before they’re used on the next guy. 

And I sure hope you or someone you love isn’t the next guy.   

You have my permission to dry heave. 

Researchers have found that this so-called “sterilization protocol” isn’t working at all, and the screws are filthy. 

What needs to happen is for the screws to be uncontaminated and unexposed until they’re actually used in surgery. 

They can come individually packed or in packages with smaller quantities.  

That way, every time a doctor performs a spinal fusion procedure they’re opening a new set of screw components, avoiding the contamination of other screws in the process. 

This seems like common sense to me… but as we all know, common sense isn’t all that common. 

There’s an official petition to the FDA to investigate the safety of the status quo (let me save them some time -- it isn’t safe at all).  

In the meantime, don’t count on the FDA to get this right. If you or someone you care about is getting spinal fusion, ask about the sterilization process.  

And don’t be afraid to reach out to your member of Congress and demand they take action on this disgusting, disgusting situation.