The Bone-Snapping TRUTH About Gastric Bypass (NOBODY is Being Warned!)

Who knew that shrinking your stomach to the size of an egg could be as risky as juggling chainsaws? 

Oh, wait… I knew. And I’ve been saying it for YEARS.  

But these gastric bypass surgeries are STILL being forced on overweight folks around the world.  

And they’re WAY more dangerous than you’ve ever been told.  

Case in point? A new study has found that folks who get gastric bypass (they specifically looked at something called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) are breaking bones like CRAZY! 

There was an insane 73 percent spike in nonvertebral fracture risk…a 70 percent higher chance of wrist fractures… and 50 percent more pelvis breaks.  

These folks just traded one health issue (severe obesity) for another (bone fractures). 

And it gets worse…  

You can also suffer from things like malnutrition and there are numerous stories of people DYING from gastric bypass procedures. 

I’ve discussed this issue before… about how gastric bypass is merely a Band-Aid that can also serve as a death sentence. 

You’re basically starving yourself and not getting enough nutrients. That includes calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, which directly correlate to bone fractures.  

And the problem doesn’t go away quickly.  

Those who undergo gastric bypass experience rapid bone loss for up to FIVE YEARS after the surgery, dramatically reducing your quality of life. 

This is why you should think twice… and maybe a third and fourth time… before saying “Yes” to gastric bypass.  

I know it’s hard to lose the weight slowly… but that’s the only safe way to do it.   

Focus on a high-protein, low-carb diet.  

Or find a natural doctor who does human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections, which curb your appetite and make it easier to lose weight.