NOT Groovy! Big Pharma’s Push for Psychedelic Drug is INSANE!

I’ve been saying it for ages… 

Big Pharma will do ANYTHING to force new drugs onto the market.  

And they don’t care if they have to throw logic and decency out the window to do it.  

But, wow, you’re not going to believe this…  

There’s a new push to help people quit alcohol… by getting them hooked on psychedelic drugs instead!  

Yeah, I’m talking about the same stuff the hippies were popping at Woodstock.  

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Out of the frying pan, into the fire?” 

According to a new study, using psilocybin (a compound made from psychedelic mushrooms) for eight weeks is enough to lessen cravings in people who abuse alcohol.  

Am I crazy??? Am I the only one who sees the problem here??? 

Trying to get people off alcohol by giving them hallucinogenic drugs is a little like using heroin to wean people off cocaine.  

You’re substituting one addictive, easily abused drug for another! 

At that point, you might as well keep drinking! (Kidding, of course.) 

What riles me up is that there are PLENTY of alternative types of treatment for alcohol dependence.  

The reason why nobody knows anything about them is because doctors don’t make money off of solid health advice… they make money from prescribing drugs. 

And yet, something as simple as L-theanine can easily reduce alcohol cravings, as well as the anxiety that causes some people to drink.  

L-theanine is an amino acid, which means it’s a natural building block of the body. It’s job is to increase mental focus and attention… decrease symptoms of depression (i.e., reaching for the bottle)… and reduces the effect stress and anxiety have on your body.  

A lot of people have also had success using acupuncture to decrease alcohol cravings.  

Point being, natural cures with zero side effects already exist for folks looking to quit the booze.  

And these remedies don’t make you think that the walls are melting… or that you’re riding a unicorn.