Boost Your Brain in Just 15 Minutes A Day! [NEW]

Once we get a bit older, we spend a lot of time thinking about our brains.  

At least I think I spend a lot of time thinking about my brain… I can’t remember.  

But seriously, who wants to deal with those ANNOYING “senior moments?” 

You know, like when you can’t remember names… or where you parked the darned car. 

Well, there’s a dead simple way to keep your mind sharp as a tack… and even make it feel YEARS younger.   

Just open up your newspaper and try some crosswords and number puzzles. 

Studies have shown that older adults who play these brain-teaser games experience MUCH sharper brain function. 

Both Sudoku and crosswords are tremendous for helping improve reasoning, attention, and memory.  

In fact, researchers found that folks who regularly played these games had problem-solving skills equal to people eight years younger. 

That’s right... their minds were YOUNGER than their biological ages. 

What’s even cooler nowadays is that crosswords and Sudoku puzzles are on-demand online; that way, you don’t necessarily need a newspaper or physical books.   

There are even plenty of apps you can download on your phone.  

See? Who says being healthy can’t be fun?  

Time to go complete my crossword for the day!   

Hmm… what’s a four-letter word for a super-smart guy who’s also handsome?  

I think I know it… it’s JACK!