[Warning] Could This Diabetes Drug Turn Your Brain to MUSH?

I’ve said it a thousand times… and I’ll say it a thousand more.  

Most drugs are too good to be true.  

And that goes DOUBLE for metformin, the super-popular diabetes med.  

Big Pharma researchers have been going ga-ga over metformin and its potential for years.  

I saw a study just months ago that said metformin might help us live to 200 someday. 

First of all… who the heck wants to live to 200? 

Second of all, Big Pharma is full of garbage…  

Because the truth is, metformin may be turning your brain to MUSH… right now.  

The drug can actually cause very serious vitamin B deficiencies.  

That translates to a poorly functioning immune system and brain problems like cognitive decline. 


Recent studies found that taking metformin led to a lack of B6 and B12, which keep your blood and nerve cells healthy (especially the nerve cells in your brain).   

Your body can’t create B6 or B12 internally--you get these from your diet.  

And metformin keeps your body from absorbing and using these critical nutrients.  

Spectacular. Does this still sound like a “wonder drug” to you? 

And here’s the worst part… there are alternatives to metformin that are just as effective… MINUS the awful side effects 

But most docs don’t bother telling you about them. 

Herbal remedies, such as berberine, work to keep your blood sugar in check without harming your brain.

Berberine is a compound found in numerous plants that can help treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  

Talk to your doc about giving berberine a try… and if he doesn’t know about it, get a second opinion.  

And if you’re stuck on metformin for a while, consider supplementing with B vitamins.  

There’s a good chance your brain is in desperate need of them.