Should You Trust Your Doctor? (You Might be Surprised….)

Let’s break out the world’s smallest violin for the crybabies in mainstream medicine.  

They’re having a “pity party” for themselves… and you won’t believe what they’re complaining about.  

I’ve told you before about the Physicians Payments Sunshine Act -- it shows people like us how doctors are getting paid by drug manufacturers in the industry. 

Whether it’s a steak dinner… a trip to the Caribbean… or a palm-full of cash, if your doc took it, you get to see it.  

This is a great thing… there SHOULD be transparency when it comes to knowing where your health professional’s money comes from. 

The only problem? Now there are some folks in mainstream medicine complaining that folks trust their doctors less.  

Well, boo-hoo… and who cares?  

A bunch of Ivy League eggheads did a recent survey that found that patients’ trust in doctors is down slightly since the Sunshine Act was passed.  

Personally, I don’t believe doctors should be given payments from drug companies at all; it creates a MAJOR conflict of interest! 

Tough luck for those docs. Patients should trust you less. 

And yes, there are some good docs out there, not taking any money and keeping their moral compass true… 

And researchers are worried about those docs being lumped in with the bad apples.  

But I’ll be honest with you… I couldn’t care less.   

These “squeaky clean” doctors… the ones who DON’T take Big Pharma cash… should be helping to clean up this industry.  

They should be leading the fight against these Big Pharma pay-offs -- because doctors who take this money are ruining EVERYONE’S reputation.  

But here’s the truth -- most of these “squeaky clean” docs aren’t doing SQUAT. They put their heads down and pretend this whole scandal isn’t happening… and they deserve some blowback for it.  

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how to tell if your doc is taking Big Pharma money.  

Well, the government has a website that’s pretty hard to use (surprise, surprise, right?) 

But the ProPublica Dollars for Docs website is a breeze. You can look up your doc at