Is the Mainstream’s Cholesterol Obsession Giving You a STROKE? (Shocking!)

You’d think I’d get tired of being right all the time.  

Honestly, I don’t… 

But I sure as heck get tired of mainstream medicine being WRONG… and putting your life at risk.  

Mainstream docs and Big Pharma have spent DECADES trying to convince you to drive your cholesterol as low as possible. And I’ve been warning you that this is a dangerous… and even DEADLY idea.  

Now, research has found that having very low levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides could result in a life-threatening stroke. 

Driving cholesterol down has been a nationwide obsession for quite some time; now, we need to start thinking about leveling out this craze. 

The truth is, your body needs cholesterol for a ton of different processes.  

Funny enough, most of those processes are VITAL to your cardiovascular health. 

It’s time to stop driving our cholesterol down to all-time lows and finding a happy medium instead. 

Those in the study who were hovering around 70 mg/dL for LDL cholesterol were seriously at-risk for hemorrhagic stroke.  

Most docs will high-five you if you get your cholesterol that low. And they’re dead wrong.  

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, no matter your age, you want to keep your LDL cholesterol below 100 mg/dL. But you don’t want to go too much lower than that, or your stroke risk increases.  

On top of this, hemorrhagic strokes are no joke.  

Strokes that involve hemorrhages involve a lot of bleeding in the brain… and very often, they’re fatal.  

In short: Once you hit 100 mg/dL, you’re good. Work to get off the meds and keep your diet healthy. 

Mainstream medicine has turned this into some contest, where everyone is trying to achieve the lowest possible cholesterol and triglycerides.  

It isn’t worth it. 

It’s a crazy obsession that proves everything that’s wrong with our medical system. And the results can be downright tragic.