The $5 Secret to PERFECT Diabetes Control

It’s like a termite infestation, except these nasty little critters aren’t eating up the woodwork of your home.

They’re chewing apart your mouth!

Yet most people do NOTHING about it!

Two out three seniors have gum disease, which is a shame because there’s an easy way to wipe it out… and I’ll deliver the effortless secret in a moment.

First, let me share with you WHY you want to exterminate the termites, especially if you have diabetes.

New research reveals how treating gum disease can help TURN DIABETES AROUND!

Wipe out those gum-chewing, mouth-wrecking germs, and you can shave more than half a point off your HbA1c levels.

That’s no small feat when you consider how hard you have to fight to bring that number down even a fraction of a percent.

Knocking out gum disease can also:

• Fight inflammation
• Power your kidneys
• Boost blood vessel function
• And improve your quality of life.

Add it all up, and that could ultimately cut your risk of just about every leading killer of patients with diabetes including heart attack and stroke.

The new study looked only at the benefits for patients with diabetes. But even without diabetes, gum germs have been linked to everything from dementia to colon cancer to heart attack.

Kill the termites, and you can cut ALL of those risks at once!

If you’ve let your gums go, you might need what’s known as scaling and planning, aka a deep cleaning. That’s when the dentist or periodontist uses some tools to go in deep under the gum line to yank out the crud.

Yeah. Ouch, ouch, OUCH.

Ok, I’m half kidding. It sounds like they’re in there, mining for plaque with a pickaxe or something, but since they numb the gums, that’s all it is: a sound.

It’s not exactly pleasant, mind you, but it won’t hurt and after an hour or so of squirming they’ll be done… and you’ll be able to start all over with baby-fresh gums.

Don’t blow it this time.

Once you get back home, get into a routine where you take better care of them – and I don’t mean toxic fluoride and gasoline-flavored dental rinses.

Take EVERYTHING you’ve been told about good oral hygiene and flush it… because there’s a simpler, safer, cheaper and more effective way.

Get a big bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and a box or tin of baking soda. The two combined shouldn’t cost much more than $5 and they’ll last you ages.

Mix them as needed into a paste, use it for brushing, then work that same goo into your teeth and gums for gum-cleaning. Rinse with the peroxide and spit, and those nasty termites won’t stand a chance.

Your termite exterminator,
Jack Harrison