NEVER Ignore Your Knee Pain (Here’s Why)

Knee pain? You’re not gonna let it bring you down!

You’re NOT going to give in to arthritis and stop doing what you love… and you’re certainly not going to crunch on pain pills to get through it, either.

You’re tougher than tough, and ready to show your knee who’s boss!

Well, friend, you might have nerves of steel and a pain threshold that’s off the charts.

But DON’T just try to “tough it out,” ignore the pain and keep soldiering on as if nothing’s happening to you.

It’s not just a matter of living in denial.

New research reveals a HIDDEN problem of untreated arthritis… and it’s much bigger than you’d imagine, because it’s not just confined to your knee.

It can lead to new problems – and MORE PAIN – in completely DIFFERENT parts of your body!

When it happens, you won’t realize it’s because of your knee.

Neither will your doctor.

As far as you’re both concerned… well… the parts are just wearing out. First your knees, then your thighs, then your legs.

But it’s not your “parts.”

It really comes down to that ONE part.

Your knee.

The new report finds that when folks try to tough it out through pain they can change their gait. That leads to imbalances in walking, transferring the weight differently in ways that could put more strain in places that can’t handle it.

Over time, those parts start to wear down, too.

Next thing you know, you’re walking funny or hardly at all, struggling to get around and in pain when you do manage to get moving.

Sure, you swore you wouldn’t gobble pain pills for your knee… but can you keep that promise when EVERYTHING starts to hurt?

Let’s not find out!

If you’ve got knee pain, congrats for deciding NOT to let it take control over your life… and of course your get my full respect for refusing painkillers.

But don’t ignore it, either, because as the new study shows, it could cause EVERYTHING to spiral out of control.

Instead of trying to show your knee who’s the boss, show it something else instead.

Show it how to FIGHT BACK by giving your joint just what it needs to REBUILD, RECOVER and RESTORE itself back to full health.

UC-II collagen can stimulate the production of collagen so your joints can get the cushion they need for comfort.

In one study, this stuff worked THREE TIMES BETTER than glucosamine and chondroitin in movement, flexibility and pain.

You can find it on its own, but for best results look for a joint comfort formula built around it.

With news for knees,
Jack Harrison