EVERYTHING you’ve heard about cholesterol is a FAT LIE!

Don’t call the fire department.

That smoke you’re smelling right now? That’s FOUR DECADES of mainstream medicine going up in flames!

You’ve read here in the Daily Dose how LDL cholesterol isn’t the big risk factor it’s been made out to be.

But it’s not just crazy ol’ Jack shouting into the darkness anymore.

A major new study SLAMS the use of cholesterol drugs. And in many ways, this might be the BIGGEST and CLEAREST look at statins and cholesterol yet.

It says that all of the so-called benefits of statins are “based on misleading statistics, exclusion of unsuccessful trials, and ignoring numerous contradictory observations.”

In fact, it comes right out and says that the drugs have a “doubtful benefit!”

A crack team of 17 top physicians from around the world joined forces to review real-world data on close to 1.3 million patients.

And what they found is just the opposite of EVERYTHING the mainstream has been pushing since statins were first approved back in the Reagan years.

They discovered a huge shift in the supposed benefits linked to the drugs, with most of those “benefits” vanishing starting in 2005.

It’s not because the people changed. And it’s not because the drugs changed.

That just so happens to be when ALL clinical-trial data had to be made public -- not just the stuff they WANT you to see when it’s published.

Once the FULL the data was revealed, statins flunked!

The new analysis finds that lower cholesterol DOESN’T cut the risk of heart disease… and heart attack patients on the whole tend to have LOWER cholesterol, not “high” cholesterol.

In addition, they found NO link between high cholesterol and artery hardening.

They also found that people with LOW levels of LDL have a HIGHER risk of infection and cancer.

The “strongest finding” of the study: Elderly patients with high LDL levels live LONGER!

Imagine that.

You spend years -- maybe DECADES -- dutifully following orders and taking those statins. You battle through the muscle pain, memory loss, and sex problems that can come from taking the pills.

You suffer through it all because you’ve been promised a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

They swore that you’d get a LONGER and HEALTHIER life.

Instead, you get the opposite.

You get a heart attack… and maybe even end up battling cancer and/or an infection to boot.

And it’s BECAUSE of low cholesterol.

Talk about getting gypped!

If you’re NOT on statins, obviously don’t start.

If you’re already on them, this is your ticket outta this mess.

Bring it up with your doctor. SHOW him the study. DEMAND some answers.

And if he’s pushing back too hard, get yourself a second opinion, ideally from a naturopathic doc who’s keeping up with the science on cholesterol.

Just don’t stop on your own.