The absolute best breakfast for diabetes

When you’ve got diabetes, your doc will peck away at your freedom like you won’t believe.

He’ll put the fear of the disease into you, and it’s not without reason: Diabetes is a stone-cold killer.

But don’t let him turn you into a stone-cold chicken when it comes to your diet.

He’ll URGE you to go low-fat… like whole-wheat toast with margarine for breakfast… when what you REALLY want is a plate of eggs.

Maybe an omelet. Maybe sunny-side up. Maybe scrambled.

Or maybe you just want to crack open a couple of hardboiled eggs.

But he’ll tell you to limit the eggs… and when you do eat them, stick to the whites.

Done let that doc hen-peck you. It turns out that you CAN enjoy eggs – yolk and all – even if you have diabetes, because they won’t hurt you or worsen your disease.

If anything, eggs will help!

In the new study, folks with diabetes and prediabetes were ordered to follow mainstream diet advice and watch their eggs.

One group’s members were allowed two a week – and no more.

The others were given a carton a week and told to go to town.

After three months, neither group had any difference in heart risk. None.

Think that’s not long enough? Maybe it isn’t. They extended the study another three months.

STILL no changes!

Even a full year later, the folks who ate a dozen eggs a week had no differences in risk or risk factors from the folks who ate two eggs a week.

It didn’t hurt in other ways, either. The folks who ate a dozen eggs a week were even able to lose weight as effectively as the folks who didn’t.

Now, that’s a neutral so far. It means that you can safely eat eggs – even the yolks – without worry.

But there’s more to it than that -- because eggs aren’t a neutral overall, especially if you’re fighting this disease. They’re loaded with healthy fats, essential nutrients, and critical minerals, including a few that everyone with diabetes needs.

For example, they’re an egg-cellent source of choline, which can help keep sugar under control.

That choline is mostly in the yolk, by the way… so if you limit yourself to the whites, you won’t get much.

Eggs can also help control sugar in another important way: They have almost zero carbs, so you won’t get that spike and crash.

And if that’s not enough, the heart-healthy fats and muscle-boosting proteins in eggs are also filling, so you won’t be tempted to eat and cheat later in the morning.

Anyone who tells you to avoid eggs must have a crack in his shell!