The essential mineral you’re almost certainly missing

Back when I was a kid, an egg breakfast was as much a part of the morning as the sunrise.

Then the food police came along and scared everyone away from supposedly high-fat, high-cholesterol, high-calorie eggs.

Out with the eggs, in with the cereal, toast, and juice. Or as I call it, carbs in the bowl... carbs on the plate... and carbs in the cup.

Now, the latest research exposes the toll of that breakfast switcheroo, showing how years of skipping the eggs has left more than 90 percent of Americans deficient in a key nutrient.

And if you've had the eggs scared out of you, odds are you're missing out as well!

It's a micronutrient called choline, and it's eggsolutely critical to your brain and liver.

The good news is you only need a little bit.

The bad news? Almost no one's getting even that much!

The new study finds that just 8 percent of American adults get the choline they need each day.

That's it.

The 8 percent of those who DO get their daily dose of choline have one thing in common: They're not afraid to tune out the mainstream clucking over the supposed dangers of eggs.

Egg-eaters are 25 TIMES more likely to get the levels of choline they need. Nearly 60 percent of them have adequate levels, according to the study. Since that means even plenty of egg-eaters are still missing out, the researchers say maybe everyone should take a choline supplement.

C'mon. Who needs a choline supplement when we have eggs?

The reason 40 percent still fall short isn't because of the eggs. It's because egg-eaters don't eat them enough.

They're too chicken to have them every day!

Many egg-eaters have them a couple of times a week... maybe even just a couple of times a month... instead of every day the way they should.

Clearly, skipping out on eggs isn't all it's cracked up to be -- and not just because of the choline.

Just about all of the mainstream fear-mongering is based on myths and lies. Even the cholesterol in eggs ISN'T bad for you and WON'T hijack your own cholesterol numbers.

It's true!

You can eat eggs like Cool Hand Luke and your LDL levels won't budge, something even mainstream scientists recently (and only grudgingly) admitted.

The fats and proteins in eggs are also far more filling than the empty calories of toast and cereal, which is why egg-eaters don't snack in the morning, eat less overall at lunch, and lose weight.

If you love eggs, it's time to come out of your shell... and put them back on the menu every morning.