You won’t believe this all-natural migraine-buster

Complain to your doc about headaches -- especially migraines -- and one of the first things he'll tell you to do is cut back on salt.

Can you believe that? These guys are like a broken record, blaming salt for everything.

Tell your doc you're unhappy with your car insurance, and he'll probably tell you the answer is to cut back on salt!

Well, my friend, if you or someone you love is battling severe headaches including migraines, it's time to put salt back on the menu -- because a new report finds it just might hold the key to beating these conditions.

When you don't get what you need, you could suffer MORE pain... MORE severe pain... and MORE frequent headaches.

Mainstream docs have claimed it's the other way around.

Supposedly, salt gets your brain neurons so hopped up they're practically doing jumping jacks -- and if you're prone to headaches, that burst of activity can lead to searing pain.

Or so they say.

But Michael Harrington at Huntington Medical Research Institutes in Pasadena told New Scientist magazine that folks prone to headaches don't handle sodium the same way as everyone else.

And he's absolutely right, because the evidence backs him up.

Data from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey shows that folks who eat LESS salt have MORE headaches -- while folks who eat MORE salt have LESS headaches and FEWER migraines.

Another expert, Svetlana Blitshteyn of the Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, told the magazine that when migraine patients eat more salt, their headaches melt away.

So if you're fighting that pain yourself -- whether it's migraines, cluster headaches or any other recurring form of headache -- don't cut your salt, like your doc says.

BOOST those levels instead!

Don't turn to junky processed foods, which is the biggest source of dietary salt. Instead, eat fresh foods and use your saltshaker.

Use it without guilt -- because believe it or not, salt is good for you. Despite what you've heard, it can actually protect your heart and add years to your life.

If a little extra salt doesn't end the pain, or at least dial it back, don't forget the OTHER migraine cure your doc won't talk about: color!

As crazy as it sounds, certain colors can trigger the pain, and certain others can chase it away -- and if you wear specially-tinted lenses, you can see a dramatic drop in both pain levels and the number of episodes.

One study found that these special lenses can cut pain levels by 70 percent!

I have to warn you: You'll stand out in any crowd when you put these on, because the lens is a purple-red color.

The technical name for the tint is FL-41. A local optician can make a set of glasses with the tint or order a pair for you, or you can look online.