At risk for diabetes? There’s just one step you HAVE to take!

Today's "precious snowflakes" get rushed to the ER for every little bump and bruise... but not us.

We weren't coddled when we were kids. Most of the time, we were told to walk it off.

Well, my friend, you're not a kid anymore... but when it comes to beating one of today's leading killers of adults, that old advice still applies.

Because if you have pre-diabetes and want to avoid "real" diabetes, all you have to do is: WALK IT OFF!

The key to preventing this disease isn't in starving yourself on a miserable low-calorie diet, and it's not in hating every single meal on a low-fat one.

And it's certainly not in risking injury with punishing exercise.


None of that's necessary, and it won't even work anyway.

But a simple daily walk can do what all that other stuff can't. It can slash your risk of ever developing diabetes by helping to bring blood sugar levels under control.

Ready for the most important part? This works even if you make no changes to your diet!

In the study, one group of pre-diabetics was given all the usual blah-blah-blah. They were forced onto a hunger-inducing diet of misery because it was BOTH low-cal AND low-fat.

In addition, they were told to get a little exercise -- the equivalent of a brisk walk for 7.5 miles a week, or a 15- to 20-minute walk per day for most folks.

And sure, they saw some improvements in glucose tolerance.

But guess what? So did a group of pre-diabetics who got the same level of exercise -- a brisk daily walk -- while making NO CHANGES to their diet.

Amazingly, folks told to do even more exercise at higher levels of intensity -- like jogging instead of walking -- didn't see a bigger improvement.

In fact, they did WORSE.

If that's not a BIG win for a little walking, I don't know what is -- because avoiding diabetes is more than just avoiding a disease.

It's avoiding everything that comes with it: endless pain... insulin shots... organ-damaging meds... vision loss... constant doctor visits... and more.

And avoiding diabetes also means avoiding the disease's companions: heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and an early death.

So even if you're not ready to make any other changes to your life, pick a time each day to get off your butt and get moving a little bit... because when it comes to today's leading killer diseases, here's your chance to WALK IT OFF!