Beat cancer with HIGH cholesterol

Don't touch that statin yet!

A new study claims those nasty cholesterol meds can slash your risk of dying from four of the most common types of cancer -- and of course, the clueless hacks in the mainstream media are just eating it up.

There are headlines around the world singing the praises of these meds as if they're some kind of cancer-fighting miracle pills.

Just one little problem: If any of those dopes bothered to READ the study, they'd see it proves NO SUCH THING!

In fact, the study does uncover the ultimate key to beating cancer... and it's not body-wrecking cholesterol drugs.

It's in keeping your cholesterol nice and high!

The study found that folks diagnosed with HIGH levels of LDL cholesterol were LESS likely to die of four leading cancers.

Those high levels will cut your risk of death from prostate cancer by 47 percent... breast cancer by 43 percent... bowel cancer by 30 percent... and lung cancer by 22 percent.

The researchers were left scratching their heads. They couldn't figure out why high cholesterol led to a lower death risk.

So they made it up!

"The underlying reasons for this are yet to be determined but treatment with statins may contribute," they wrote.

They claimed that since most people with high cholesterol are given the meds, it must be the work of the drugs.

But you could easily argue the opposite and say that people with LOW cholesterol -- the folks with the HIGHEST risk of death -- only reached those levels with the help of meds.

So here's the real deal: Your body needs cholesterol. There's no "good" or "bad" because they BOTH have important jobs in your body -- and when it comes to the "bad" stuff, studies have found a lower risk of cancer and death from cancer time and time again.

One major study in 2012 found that low LDL -- independent of meds -- INCREASED the risk of cancer.

In 2013, a study found statins double the risk of invasive ductal carcinoma -- the most common form of breast cancer -- and increased the risk of another form, invasive lobular carcinoma, by up to 250 percent.

Think that's good? This gets better: A 2010 study out of Japan found HIGH levels of LDL cholesterol will cut your risk of death from cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, and more.

So don't fall for hype and headlines.

Follow the science instead and stop worrying so much about your cholesterol. Stick to a healthy diet rich in animal fats and low in carbs, and your total levels should end up right where they should be, somewhere between 200 and 300.

Any higher, and you don't need a drug. You need a doc who can figure out what's causing it.