Miracle vitamin slashes your cataract risk

Getting older doesn't have to mean going blind -- but too many seniors seem to think it does.

When cataracts strike, first they'll flat-out refuse to admit it... then they'll absolutely refuse to see a doc about it.

They're practically walking into walls, yet they INSIST everything's fine!

I'm guessing most of them are afraid of the old "S" word. You know the one I mean: surgery.

Well, my friend, I'm here to say there's a way to cut your risk of cataracts so you never have to hear the "S" word, because new research reveals a simple, safe and dirt-cheap trick that can help you avoid this vision-blurring condition.

And if you want to SEE... you just need some C!

Vitamin C isn't just an immune-boosting cold-buster. The new study shows how it's an eye-saving wonder nutrient capable of helping your vision remain sharp and clear well into your senior years.

Even if you've already got the makings of a cataract... even if you can start to see the blur creeping into your eyesight... vitamin C can help slow the progression so you can delay or even avoid surgery altogether.

The study of twins, each with cataracts, finds that the condition progresses much slower in the twin with the highest C intake.

Overall, maximizing your C will slow cataract development by a third over 10 years -- and along with LESS disease, you also get MORE clarity, because the study finds high C levels will chase away the clouds in your vision that accompany cataracts.

And while you might think there's nothing you can do about cataracts... that at some point, you'll get them not matter what... the study finds just the opposite is true.

Genetics accounts for about a third of your risk. The rest is entirely within your control, with good nutrition and proper C intake accounting for some 65 percent of your potential cataract risk.

The study finds you've got to eat your C rather than pop supplements to get the best results, but why mess around? I say get both: Boost your C intake through diet and make sure you take a supplement to cover yourself for when you fall short.

Just one caveat here: When it comes to getting C from diet, forget OJ.

Orange juice has some C, but it's basically a tall glass of liquid sugar. Even all-natural, fresh-squeezed OJ has as much sugar as soda!

If you want some C, think of the letter "P." Papayas, peppers and pineapples for your peepers -- because they contain some of the highest C levels around. Some of the "Bs" will also do the job, because you'll find it in broccoli, Brussels sprouts and berries.