The magic mineral that can fight one of the deadliest cancers

Docs will go on and on and on about cancer...when they have something to SELL you for it!

They'll push men into pointless PSA tests and urge them to "treat" cancers that never would've have hurt them. Ditto for mammograms, which can actually CAUSE cancer and ultimately led to harmless tumors getting "treated" with disfiguring surgeries and toxic drugs.

But there's one cancer that really does need your attention...and you probably haven't heard boo about it.

Pancreatic cancer is a cold-blooded killer, responsible for more than twice as many deaths as prostate cancer and just as many as breast cancer. It's so deadly thatonce the disease is detected, in most cases it's already too late.

Even Steve Jobs -- with all his money, power, and connections -- couldn't clobber this deadly cancer. But because he ditched mainstream medicine, he survived a heckuva lot longer than anyone would've expected.

That makes your best offense a good DEfense: avoid getting pancreatic cancer in the first place.

The latest research shows that all you have to do is up your magnesium game! A new study in the British Journal of Cancer finds that every 100 mg boost in magnesium intake will cut your risk of pancreatic cancer by a quarter.

It doesn't matter whether you're old, young, black, white, rich, poor, male, or female -- magnesium is the Great Equalizer, cutting the risk for EVERYONE across the board.

The only problem with this mineral is getting it, because up to 80 percent of Americans are deficient even by mainstream standards.

It's no surprise why. It's tough to get what you need from diet alone. The best natural source is spinach -- and you'd have to choke back more than a pound a day to get what you need.

That much would put Popeye to shame!

It's SO hard to get this mineral from diet that the new study finds that magnesium in food makes almost no difference at all.

The only way to get that cancer-beating benefit is to take a supplement, and lucky for you, they're cheap, easy to find, and cost just pennies a day.