Strange (and effective!) kidney stone cure involves MORE sex

There's nothing in this world, not even Thanksgiving with the in-laws, that's as painful as a kidney stone.

At least that awkward dinner will be over in a couple of hours.

A kidney stone can be your constant, painful companion for weeks -- a jagged, glass-like pebble tearing you up from the inside.

They say it's the only thing that compares to the pain of giving birth.

And if there's anything worse than the feeling of being stabbed from the inside, it's dreading every trip the toilet... wondering when that little shard will make its way out of the kidney for its even more painful trip through the urethra and finally out of the body.

I'm squirming just writing about it!

Let's face it, when you're that uncomfortable below the belt, the LAST thing on your mind is sex -- but maybe it shouldn't be.

Not only is sex one of life's greatest natural pain relievers -- and not only can sex help distract you from the horrors of the kidney stone -- but the latest research finds it can also help make sure it passes more quickly.

In the new study, 26 of 31 patients who were told to have sex three or four times a week passed their stones within two weeks.

Compare that to just eight of 21 patients told to follow the usual advice, which involves drinking a lot of water and waiting it out.

These days, however, men aren't just told to drink water and wait it out. An increasing number are given the prostate drug tamsulosin, which is supposed to lead to more frequent urination, after a couple of studies found it can help get rid of the stone a little faster than letting nature take its course.

But in the study, just 10 of the 21 men given the drug passed a stone within two weeks -- making it only slightly better than waiting it out... but not nearly as good as simply having more sex.

And while the drug can actually CAUSE painful urination and other "down there" problems, sex comes with no real risks at all.

So if you're trying to pass a stone, forget risky meds and follow the advice from the sneaker commercials: Just do it!