The Douglass Report November 2015

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Remembering a legend...

Today I am writing with a heavy heart to let you know that Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, our fearless editor and my dear friend, has died after a brief illness. It’s my honor to present to you the very last issue of Douglass Report he produced during his celebrated career and life.

Dr. Douglass was a patriot, a medical maverick, and a compassionate healer who saved lives in every corner of the world. He treated our soldiers as a military flight surgeon, fought malaria in Central America, and even operated his own clinic in Africa.

And he was never afraid to tell it like it is. Dr. Douglass stood up to government bullies and billion-dollar drug company interests to make sure you’d always have access to the latest science and life-saving cures.

He was, quite simply, the conscience of modern medicine.

Dr. Douglass kept working right to the end because he never stopped thinking about you and your health. And it was important to Dr. Douglass that we continue to care for your needs long after he was gone.

So please read closely the letter that arrived with this issue to see how we plan to keep providing you with life-saving health information.

And understand that you—Dr. Douglass’ readers from around the world—are his lasting legacy. So as a final tribute, I’d like to share some of the heartfelt letters readers have sent since we first announced Dr. Douglass’ passing online.

To your health,

Jack Harrison



With his sense of humor, we all thought he would live forever and he will...?in our hearts.

—W.K., Illinois

Please know and let his family and friends know, that here in Mexico City many families that
we know are in mourning for this unique, warm,brilliant, and generous human being.

—P.L., Mexico

I loved Dr. Douglass and told ?everybody I knew about him and his wonderful articles.
God bless Dr. Douglass. I will
remember him always.

—B.H., California

Dr. Douglass paved the way to better health and natural healing for many people,
including myself. I shall be raising a glassto Dr. Douglass tonight.

—L.G., United Kingdom

The loss of a great patriot,Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, saddens all of us.
He gave us hope against the tyrants 
?of the FDA, the Pharma industry, and waywarddoctors.
He was an inspiration to me and
probably to millions of others.

—D.B., Maryland

He was truly the conscience of modern medicine and will be a big loss to us all.

—C.R., Texas