Keep your bones from snapping like twigs with the natural hormone secret for beating osteoporosis!

You can feel a lot in your bones——close up from the old intuition telling you something’s wrong, to a storm that’s still three days out.

I once knew a gal who swore up and down she could feel it right in her?elbow anytime her son was about to call and ask for money. I felt it in other places when the kids would call for cash.

But something you can’t feel until it’s too late is the thinning of your bones from osteoporosis.

One day you’re humming along like normal. Next day——SNAP!——you’re in the?ER with a cracked wrist, shoulder or hip.

You know the score on that one. In an instant you turn from active senior into an invalid, and life is never the same again.

A hip fracture can increase your risk of death by 800 percent within?three months.

The risk is highest in older women because Mother Nature can be downright cruel, weakening bones as female hormone levels drop with advancing age.

When you’ve finally made it past menopause... when the hot flashes are gone, the headaches have vanished and your mood has stopped swinging like a pendulum... your hormone tank is practically on “E.”

Unfortunately, this is just when you need a good supply of some of the?hormones the most——especially for your bone health.

That’s why natural, safe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can do for your bone strength what calcium candies and bone drugs simply can’t. BHRT can restore your body’s ability to rebuild bone and help make?them stronger than ever.

One new study looked at growth hormone and found that boosting even just that one hormone can lead to stronger bones, fewer falls and fewer breaks.

The study included three groups of older women:

  • one with osteoporosis who were given growth hormone;
  • one with osteoporosis who were given a placebo;
  • and a group of healthy women who were given no treatment at all.

Not only did the women with osteoporosis who got the hormone do better?than those on the placebo, but...

They actually beat the HEALTHY women!

Over a decade——that included seven full years after the hormone treatments stopped——women given the hormone treatments saw their risk of bone breaks fall by half with no significant side effects.

Even the bone drugs can’t promise to cut the risk of breaks in half, and they certainly can’t do it safely.

Some of the drugs even increase the risk of breaks in the very bones they’re supposed to protect!

Meanwhile, the healthy women given no treatment at all saw their break rate jump by 400 percent over that same decade.

Like I said earlier, you can’t feel thinning bone. So unless you’ve had some tests, you won’t even know if you’re losing bone mass and density.

Wait for a break before you take action and you’ll have waited too long. The ladies who are stuck living on overcooked, low-salt pot roast and Jell-O in the nursing home after a hip fracture can tell you that.

Take action today. That means visit a doctor who knows how to test for and treat all the essential hormones, including growth hormone, thyroid hormone, DHEA, estrogen, testosterone and even vitamin D (which is really a hormone). They all play a major role in bone health (among other things).

I recommend working with a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine. You’ll find them online at Just click on Physician+Link to locate a doctor in your area.