Say sayonara to that “down there” burn with my…. TOP 3 ALL-NATURAL UTI CURES

Are you suffering with toilet terror?.

Even if you’ve only suffered through a single UTI before - and it was years ago - you never quite forget that awful burn you felt whenever nature called.

The pain is bad enough to make a grown man flinch and bring him to tears. And in ladies, who are more prone to UTIs in the first place, it can lead to some pretty unladylike language.

Long after the infection is cured you can live in fear that your next trip to the loo could be the one that marks the return of the infection. And you find yourself holding your breath... bracing yourself before you go... just in case.

If you’re suffering from this toilet terror yourself, I’ve got some good news and bad news for you today.

Let me get the bad news out of the way first. Most docs have been treating every UTI they come across with antibiotic drugs, even when they’re not necessary.

As a result, the bugs that cause the infections are learning to resist the drugs. And that’s causing more people to suffer UTIs more often.

Some women with recurring infections are even put on antibiotics full time “preventively,” but unfortunately this practice isn’t very effective.

In fact the antibiotics are likely making the bacteria responsible for the infection even STRONGER. One study looked at women given antibiotics for recurring UTIs for a year. At the start, before they took the drugs, between 20 percent and 40 percent had drug-resistant strains of the E. coli bug responsible for many of these infections. One year later, 95 percent had drug-resistant E. coli.

Men, you’re facing similar risks. One study found guys treated with antibiotics for UTIs for the longest period had the highest risk of recurrence, and a higher risk of a nasty secondary infection with Clostridium-difficile (C. diff.).

That’s a bacterium that makes a UTI look like child’s play. A bug so nasty it can cause uncontrollable and even deadly diarrhea.

But the fact is, except in the most extreme cases, you don’t need antibiotics in the first place - because UTIs are often treatable and beatable with natural medicine. And you can start with my...


#1) CRANBERRY: Cranberry has been used to treat urinary problems for so long it’s often dismissed as just folk medicine these days.

That’s a big mistake because it’s proven to help treat infections when they strike, and prevent them in folks who have an ongoing battle.

One study found that 500 mg capsules of cranberry extract work as well as the antibiotic trimethoprim in women with a history of UTIs.

You can try drinking cranberry juice too. Some people swear by it.

But keep in mind you need PURE cranberry. Ocean Spray juice drinks don’t cut it, nor will any other form of “cranberry drink.” Most have just a little bit of real cranberry mixed in with sugar water or other juices.

#2) GARLIC: Remember, beating a UTI these days can be more difficult since the bugs resist drugs.

Lucky for us garlic is a two-fer when it comes to UTIs, because in addition to having well-known antibacterial and antiviral properties, recent research finds the spice is also effective against 82 percent of the drug-resistant bacteria strains behind urinary tract infections.

Garlic is delicious, but don’t just add a little bit to your food and expect to get big benefits. If you’ve got a UTI, you’ll need to bring in the big guns. A concentrated extract in capsule form should do the trick.

#3) PROBIOTICS: Sometimes, you’ve got to fight fire with fire. And when it comes to bacterial infections, probiotics are like flamethrowers.

These friendly bacteria are sometimes the only things standing between you and illness. If you know the misery of frequent UTIs, then be sure to add a probiotic supplement to your shopping list, ideally one with both Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri. One study found these two good bugs can cut the average number of annual infections by nearly as much as antibiotics.

And they do it without the antibiotic side effects such as increasing your risk of infection from superbug germs.

Don’t feel confined to just one of these powerful cures. All three of these remedies are safe, natural and inexpensive and you should feel free to mix and match them - or take all three at once - to help tackle those toilet terrors once and for all.