I hope to God you’ve never been subjected to heavy metal music. But if you’ve got a son or a grandson, you’ve probably been tortured with this sonic waterboarding.

Sometimes, it can take DAYS to shake that noise out of your skull.

But there’s something far worse for you than heavy metal music: actual heavy metals.

You can’t see, feel or taste them, so you won’t know when you’re exposed. And unlike most waste products (such as heavy metal music), heavy metals don’t leave the body quickly.

No, when they’re in, they're in for the long haul - setting up camp in your vital organs and slowly wrecking you from the inside.

I could write a book on all the metals you’re exposed to daily such as mercury, arsenic and lead. But today, I want to focus on just one. It doesn’t get as much attention as the rest, but it should.

Because this one just might be the most dangerous metal of all.

It’s called cadmium, and it’s known to park itself in your liver and kidneys and just stay there. But what makes it so dangerous isn’t that it causes one disease or another. It’s that it could cause just about ALL of them - speeding up your body’s internal clock so you age faster, suffer disease earlier and die sooner.

The latest research finds this metal assaults your DNA, hacking away at the little caps that sit on the end of each strand, which are known as telomeres.

Those telomeres are the closest thing you have to an expiration date. As you get older, they get shorter. And as they get shorter, you should start making sure your affairs are in order - because shorter telomeres are a key marker of advancing aging, the onset of disease and even death itself.

Cadmium speeds that process, shortening telomeres by so much that the new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology finds it’s like being up to 11 years older.

Yes... exposure to cadmium can speed the aging process by more than a decade.

So let me give you three steps for minimizing your exposure to this toxic metal:

Step One: You’d have to have a death wish to put anything in your mouth from Red China, with all the poison they’ve been caught shipping over here.

But what’s even worse is what they HAVEN’T been caught doing... yet.

And I think cadmium is the next great scandal - because Beijing has admitted that ONE FIFTH of the nation’s farmland is contaminated with cadmium. A fifth! And if that’s what the government there is willing to cop to, just imagine what the real number is.

I’m guessing there’s not a square inch of soil in China that isn’t loaded with some kind of waste. To be safe avoid ANY foods imported from China.

Step Two: Big Ag might be better than Big Mao, but not by much. The sad truth is, our biggest food producers haven’t found a corner they couldn’t cut, cut again and then cut some more.

Common industrial fertilizers are packed with toxins, to the point where our own farmland is now loaded with dangerous metals and other junk - which is why even USA produce can contain shocking levels of cadmium and other contaminants.

Organics are better - not perfect, as Big Ag buys up organic companies and cuts those corners, too - but still better, which is why a study last year found organic produce has half the levels of cadmium of conventional.

Step Three: This is the most important step of all - because one of the biggest sources of cadmium no one is talking about is YOUR OWN WATER.

This toxic metal is routinely turning up in U.S. drinking water, and those low-but-steady levels are enough to wreck you over the long run.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to remove the cadmium and everything else contaminating your tap water - including fluoride, chlorine and hormone drugs - and that’s with a reverse osmosis water filter.

You can pick one up at any home improvement store for a few hundred bucks. If you’re handy, you can install it in an afternoon. If you’re not, it shouldn’t cost too much to have a plumber or handyman put it in for you.

Don’t install it in the kitchen; that will protect only the kitchen sink. Place it where the water enters your home to make sure every single faucet is protected.

If you think you’ve been exposed - if you haven’t been filtering your water or actively avoiding foods from China, for example - add a chlorella supplement to your daily routine.

Several studies on rats have shown that this algae can help rid the body of cadmium and reverse the oxidative stress caused by exposure.