The MUST have “oil secret” to surviving a heart attack

Surviving a heart attack is the easy part.

The hard part comes next -- surviving your “care,” because you’ll be poked more than a pincushion and given more drugs than a circus lion.

Most of those things won’t help, and some of them will hurt. But if you really want to speed your recovery, there’s one thing you should add to your regimen ASAP, and that’s simple fish oil.

One new study finally -- FINALLY – puts humble fish oil to the test in a real and scientific way, using meaningfully high levels instead of the usual pitifully low amounts often used to discredit supplements.

Nearly 400 heart attack survivors were given either 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil or a placebo per day, and then given heart scans at two weeks, four weeks and six months.

This is GOLD STANDARD SCIENCE, my friend, and the fish oil proved to be solid gold -- because patients who got the real deal were 39 percent less likely to suffer deteriorating heart function.

They also had less inflammation and less scarring, and that’s even more important.

That scarring is also known as fibrosis, and the more fibrosis you have after a heart attack, the more likely you’ll suffer from conditions such as heart failure down the road.

This is rock-solid proof that EVERY heart attack patient needs to be put onto fish oil ASAP. But naturally, the researchers made no such urgent announcement. Instead, they issued a warning, claiming the doses used in the study are “prescription” levels, i.e. do-not-try-this-at-home levels.

Give me a break already.

Yes, these are higher-than-typical levels. They are NOT dangerous levels. You should speak to a doctor -- of course -- not because the omega-3 dose comes with high risk, but because DRUGS such as blood thinners may come with risks when combined with higher levels of omega-3s.

Once you and your doc figure out how much you need, look for a high-quality omega-3 supplement that has been molecularly distilled to remove potential toxins such as mercury. You’ll get all of this powerful oil’s benefits, no prescription required.