The Douglass Report January 2015

January 2015 PDF

FIGHT pain before it starts—CURE the pain you already have—And do it all WITHOUT drugs

The path to drug addiction doesn’t begin in some filthy back alley. It begins in mainstream doctors’ offices all around the country.

Because the moment you complain about a barking back, aching arthritic joints or a migraine that feels like someone’s tightening a belt around your skull, you’ve bought a ticket to Pill City.

These sledgehammer prescription painkillers are dangerous... and addictive... and come with a group of side effects longer than Santa’s naughty list.

And doctors know it. But they get out the prescription pad anyway, because most docs don’t have a clue how to treat the REAL cause of your pain.

And their ignorance ISN’T bliss—it’s deadly.

Every year, more than 16,000 Americans are killed by an accidental painkiller overdose. Even cocaine and heroin don’t kill that many Americans!

And with new numbers showing that 1 in 5 adults are battling persistent pain, you can bet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

But if you’re sailing on the S.S. Pain yourself, I’ve got a life raft for you.

Throughout this issue, you’ll find the best and most powerful drug-free cures for all forms of pain. Not everything works for everyone, but some of these cures are so good they work for just about every kind of ache around.

I call these tried and true all-in-one cures my...


#1) Fish Oil: Let me start with a personal favorite, one I take myself because it can help protect your heart, brain and even your eyes.

It’s fish oil, and one of the reasons it’s so protective throughout the body is that it happens to be one of the most potent all-natural anti-inflammatories around. And when it comes to pain, that inflammation-fighting power can bring relief just about everywhere.

It can ease your baying back, knock that crick right out of your neck and turn stiff muscles as loose as a goose. Even better, fish oil can lubricate your joints—including wrists, hips and knees—and ease the pain of arthritis.

#2) Turmeric: This is the secret ingredient in Indian food—the spice that gives curry its distinct brownish-yellowish color and aromatic flavor.

Locked inside turmeric is a compound that’s been used since ancient times to fight pain. It’s a substance called curcumin, and modern studies show it works like COX inhibitor drugs to block pain.

If you know anything about those drugs, you know they’re downright dangerous—so risky that some have been yanked off the market (Vioxx, anyone?).

Curcumin doesn’t come with ANY of those extra risks, only extra benefits. Along with fighting pain, this spicy compound can protect the brain and heart and fight the oxidative stress of aging.

If you eat curry by the bucket, you’re probably getting enough. For the rest of us, take a supplement. Curcumin is available by itself and as part of antioxidant blends.

#3) Soothanol X2: This one almost sounds too good to be true: an all-natural painkiller so potent that just a couple of drops can ease aches virtually ON CONTACT.

It’s a blend of 11 power-packed substances. Each has been used on its own traditionally for many years. But together? You won’t find anything out there more powerful than this for muscle pain, backaches, arthritis and more.

Full disclosure: Soothanol X2 is made exclusively by NorthStar Nutritionals, which is owned by the same parent company that brings you The Douglass Report.

But you know me by now. I wouldn’t mention it if it didn’t work. In fact, that’s why I asked them to provide you with even MORE details about this extraordinary pain reliever. Check for their special report on Soothanol X2 in the same envelope this issue came in.

#4) Arnica: If you ever come across Arnica montana in the wild, leave it be. The plant is poisonous on its own.

But diluted in a gel—or further diluted into homeopathic doses—it almost becomes poison for pain. Rub it into your joints, muscles or back and the pain can practically vanish.

One study in 2007 found that arnica gel worked as well as ibuprofen in patients with arthritis of the hands. Another study looked at the knees, and found this gel eases pain and stiffness and improves function.

One note: Allergic reactions are possible with arnica, but they’re rare and usually minor.

#5) Methylsulfonyl-methane: Yes, that’s a mouthful. Fortunately, you can call it MSM instead.

MSM is derived from sulfur and it’s proven to prevent the loss of cartilage that leads to joint pain. One study found that it sliced pain levels by a quarter and improved function by nearly a third in patients with osteoarthritis of the knees.

And, like everything else on this list, MSM is a multipurpose tool for any number of types of pain, including muscle pain.

If you don’t know where else to turn, any combination of these cures could ease or eliminate your pain and give you your life back.

If you’ve been battling pain, whether it’s a semi-regular flare-up or a chronic and unwelcome companion, give it a shot. And along with these nature-based solutions for pain, don’t fear what your doc will sneeringly call “alternative” therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic.

There’s a reason they’ve become more popular every year: they work for a LOT of folks.