You wouldn’t wait for a small blaze to turn into a raging house fire before you put it out, would you? So don’t wait for minor aches to turn into crippling pain before you take action to save yourself from misery and disability.

Fact is, you CAN stop pain before it starts. And one of the best ways to get ahead of pain is with a few simple changes to your diet.

Most Americans gobble down the worst-of-the-worst junk, meal after meal. They’re loading up on the processed foods that practically guarantee painful body-wrecking inflammation.

Stick it in the trash, where it belongs. Replace your modern processed-food diet with a back-to-basics lifestyle rich in animal fats and low in carbs and you’ll lose weight, slash your levels of pain-inducing inflammation and protect your joints while you’re at it.

Then, be sure to get some of my favorite pain-fighting nutrients that you’ll find “hiding” in the foods you already love. I call them my...


These six foods don’t just fight pain——they do it with good taste, because just about everyone loves these delicious treats. And now, here’s all the permission you need to enjoy them as often as you can get them.

CHERRIES: "Take two cherries and call me in the morning."

Yes, delicious cherries could be about as effective as an Advil——because cherries are loaded with pain-fighting anthocyanosides.

Anthocyanosides put the brakes on inflammation in much the same way as drugs, but with good taste instead of high risk. And as a bonus, cherries can fight pain in another way, by blocking the enzymes responsible for your aches.

The downside to cherries is that they’re only in season briefly and cost an arm and a leg when they are. Get them when you can (and when you can afford them), the rest of the time you can try adding a cherry concentrate to your smoothies and other treats. (Read the ingredients——you want 100% cherry, not sugar or other ingredients.)

ALMONDS: Forget aspirin therapy... and try almond therapy instead.

Almonds contain salicylates, a natural version of the very same ingredient found in aspirin and other painkillers. But unlike aspirin, which can rip a hole in your gut and cause serious bleeding problems (including bleeds in your BRAIN), almonds are perfectly safe and delicious.

Be sure to get your almonds raw; this is not as easy as it sounds. Food makers are allowed to pasteurize almonds with heat and still call them raw. If you search online, or shop at farmer’s markets, you should be able to find the real deal.

HOT PEPPERS: Like it hot? Me too! Now, you can use your tolerance for heat to your advantage——because pain is a big sissy.

Hot peppers contain a potent substance called capsaicin, which is proven to fight pain. It’s a key ingredient in topical rubs such as the Soothanol X2 I mentioned earlier, but you can also get some by going right to the source.

Chili peppers, cayenne peppers and Tabasco peppers are all packed to the skin with capsaicin.

COFFEE: Caffeine in general is an excellent pain reliever, and coffee is one of the best natural ways to get it.

One study found that caffeine’s pain-fighting abilities kick in within MINUTES——making it not only safer than drugs, but faster, too.

Caffeine can also enhance the pain-fighting powers of other anti-inflammatories, which is why it’s often an ingredient in medications. But you don’t need to mix coffee with meds to get that benefit. Just be sure to eat plenty of the other inflammation-fighting foods on this list as you sip your morning joe.

GINGER: If you like the kick ginger gives your meals, you’ll be pleased as punch to find out it also may be a potent pain-fighter. Ginger works like NSAID painkillers in that it blocks the production of prostaglandins, which in turn lead to the inflammation that causes pain.

So far so good——but ginger isn’t done yet. Unlike those painkillers, ginger is also loaded with inflammation-fighting antioxidants.

And while those meds can tear your stomach to shreds, ginger will do the opposite and sooth it, as anyone who’s ever taken it for nausea or motion sickness can tell you.

SALMON: Remember the inflammation-fighting powers of omega-3 fatty acids I mentioned earlier? Salmon is one of the best natural sources——and along with those essential fats, this fish has another trick up its fin.

It’s also loaded with calcitonin, which is proven to protect the joints. It can prevent osteoarthritis if you don’t have it, and ease the pain if you do.

It’s also pretty handy for protecting aging bone, especially in women.

One note on this: Farmed salmon is dangerously low in nutrition and dangerously high in chemicals including PCBs. It’s so nasty that the flesh is a sickly pale gray and has to be dyed pink.

Eat only wild-caught salmon——and since food fraud is rampant these days, buy it from someone you trust.