One minute, you’re on top of the world. The next, you come crashing down hard as the room starts to spin.

Yes, it’s the start of another migraine, and if you’re one of the 36 million Americans battling the severe pain of these headaches, the word migraine alone is probably enough to make you shudder.

Anyone who tells you there’s a single cure-all for migraines is full of it, because there’s just no such thing. There are more than 20 causes of migraines that I’m aware of, and probably more——and the real cure for your pain will depend on that cause (and that includes finding the triggers and learning to avoid them when possible).

But there are a few highly dependable tricks that work for most people, most of the time. I call them my...


Cure #1) Magnesium: It’s called the miracle mineral for a reason——it’s responsible for at least 300 critical metabolic reactions in the body that we know of so far, and science is finding news ones almost daily.

In general, migraines accompanied by any combination of anxiety, irritability, sleep problems, noise sensitivity, muscle issues (cramps, pain, twitching, palpitations, etc.) and/or constipation can often be a cry from your body for more magnesium.

I recommend 250-300 mg a day of a stomach-friendly chelated form of magnesium such as magnesium glycinate.

Cure #2) Sex: Yes, you read that right. Forget, “not now, I have a headache”——because if you’ve got a headache, NOW is actually the best time.

One recent study finds that a stunning 60 percent of migraine sufferers get relief (in every sense of the word) by having sex during their episode. Most enjoyed at least moderate pain relief, and many of them said they achieved total relief (among other things).

The only downside is that a very small number of people find that sex makes the migraines worse.

There’s only one way to tell which group you fall into, so give it a shot.

Cure #3) Color therapy: There’s so much to be said for color therapy that I’ve written entire books on this. A few years ago, it was dismissed as fringe science——but today, the latest mainstream research backs everything I’ve been telling you all along.

Certain colors can stimulate healing and cure a number of conditions, including migraines. In one study, migraine patients given specially colored lenses saw their pain levels plunge by as much as 70 percent.

The downside? You will make quite an impression on those around you when you sport the most effective color (called FL-41)——a purplish-pink.

Yes, they are literal rose-colored glasses.

Just tell people it’s the latest look from Hollywood; you may start a trend.