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The new rallying cry for REAL men: ?‘GET YOUR PAWS OFF MY PROSTATE’

November used to mean the family gathered around a nice plump turkey, posing for a photo just before sitting down to a Thanksgiving feast.

Today, those photos are being wrecked by the most ridiculous addition to holiday meals since the invention of the fruitcake: mustaches.

Now, I’ve got nothing against a set of honest-to-goodness whiskers if (like me) you can pull it off. But these are flimsy and temporary mustaches——part of a silly new stunt called “Movember.”

That’s when men grow mustaches just for this one month to raise awareness for “men’s health.”


Anyone with a pulse knows what “men’s health” really means these days. It’s a not-so-subtle code for prostate cancer awareness——and prostate cancer awareness is a massive scam that has nothing to do with “men’s health” and everything to do with separating men from their money.

So I’m going to put the “N” back into “November,” and if I do my job right, anyone growing one of those stupid ’staches will be reaching for the razor blades by the end of this article.

Let’s start with that PSA test.

Anyone——anyone——who pushes a PSA test as the FIRST step in “men’s health” is practicing medicine in the Stone Age. While I’ve said from the beginning that the test was ruining far more lives than it ever saved, even the mainstream agrees with me now.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force——about as mainstream a body as you’ll find——recommended against the PSA test in May 2012.

It made big news in the world of medicine, so there isn’t a doctor alive who can claim he hasn’t heard about it.

So why do some offer it anyway? Easy: It’s a quick way to pad the bill. He takes a little blood, and adds $75 to the tab.

It’s some of the fastest money in medicine.

Some docs don’t even charge for it. They’re urologists, or the very doctors who’ll do the follow-up tests, surgery and whatever else they can talk you into.

And believe me, when a man hears the word “tumor,” he can be talked into almost anything.

Just take a look at the latest research, which finds that a full 80 percent of men with low-grade tumors——tumors that by definition NEVER need treatment——get treated anyway.


They’re conned into it by fast-talking urologists who play the fear card and then laugh all the way to the bank.

But while that treatment won’t save your life, it certainly can ruin it. The moment you sign up for that surgery, you may as well wave goodbye to your dignity——because you might spend the rest of your life dribbling in diapers.

And while you’re at it, hold a funeral for your sex life: 81 percent of men who get prostate surgery report continuing sexual dysfunction two years after the procedure.

That’s why you may be better off not even seeing that urologist in the first place, and you’re definitely better off not even getting a PSA test.

I know it’s tough to say “no” when your own doctor is urging you to take that test, so let me give you three key facts that can help you make up your mind:

?    One recent analysis finds a PSA test will reduce your risk of dying from prostate cancer from 3 percent all the way down to... 2.4 percent. Yes, that’s it——an absolute risk reduction of 0.6 percent. Worth it? Not on your life!

?    For every 1,000 men screened with the PSA, one life is saved (and even that’s debatable), but dozens of others will be ruined. Of those same 1,000 men, one will suffer a blood clot, two will keel over with heart attacks and 40 will live with the misery of impotence and/or incontinence because of the unnecessary treatments that followed their unnecessary PSA tests.

?    If your PSA test leads to a biopsy, you face double the risk of a serious infection——that kind of infection that will send you to the hospital or even kill you.

OK, so maybe you didn’t listen to me and had an exam anyway and found you have a tumor. Or maybe you found out before you became a Douglass Report believer.

You know it’s there... and you can’t get it out of your head, right?

I get it. The word “tumor” is scary, and your urologist is banking on that.

As I said, you really don’t have to do anything special to ensure that the tumor never hurts you. But if you want some more peace of mind, there are a few simple things you can do that will tip the scales even more in your favor.

I call them my...

Four Keys To Keeping A Harmless Tumor Harmless

POLYPHENOLS: Boost your intake of polyphenols, either through diet or with an inexpensive supplement.

One study published earlier this year compared a capsule containing the ordinary nutrients found in pomegranate, green tea, broccoli and turmeric to a placebo in older men with localized prostate cancer.

Over six months, PSA scores barely budged in the patients who took the polyphenol supplements, rising by an average of less than 15 percent. Men who took the placebo, on the other hand, saw their scores shoot up by nearly 80 percent.

As a result, just 8 percent of men who took the supplement opted for treatment at the end of the study versus 27 percent of those who took the placebo.

FISH OIL: Men with prostate cancer who raise omega-3 intake and cut their omega-6 levels have lower cell cycle progression scores (that’s a measure of cancer risk and aggression) and reduced inflammation as measured by leukotriene B, according to a major study.

Now, all of the men in the study were already lined up for surgery and went ahead with it.

But here’s the thing: They probably didn’t need it. The growth of the tumor——already slow——was actually slowing even further in men who took fish oil before surgery.

A plain old supermarket fish oil capsule won’t do the trick here. Men in the study took 5 grams a day——a safe level for anyone, really, but because it can thin the blood, speak to your doctor first.

OREGANO: That’s right, a key ingredient in tomato sauce——and an herb that can jazz up chicken, fish and more——can actually fight off prostate tumors.

In a series of lab dish experiments, the oregano compound carvacrol killed off nearly every last prostate tumor cell within 96 hours.

Yes, this is a lab dish and not your body. But carvacrol is already known to be so good for your prostate that it can actually CURE prostatitis. To get that benefit, you need more than you’ll get from a slice of pizza.

Take it as a supplement instead.

VITAMIN D: The sunshine vitamin can take the teeth out of some of the most aggressive tumors around, with one major study finding that men with high D levels are 57 percent less likely to die of aggressive prostate tumors.

You won’t hear about any of this from a urologist, because none of these things will earn him a dime. But take it from me, because all of these tips come from the pages of today’s leading medical journals.

Now, where was that razor blade again? Someone needs a shave...