The Douglass Report October 2014

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The explosive truth exposed:

Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to cram “breast cancer awareness” down your throat.

Donate to this, buy that and don’t forget to nail a pink ribbon right into your chest——and if you don’t, if you even dare question any of this, you’re treated like some kind of woman-hating monster.

Who can stand up to that?

Well, you know who. Me, that’s who——because I want you to know the truth the media won’t reveal. No, they won’t expose it because they’re absolutely terrified of the well-financed and highly organized Pink Ribbon Mafia.

And that truth is this: beast cancer “awareness” is a massive swindle created to enrich Big Pharma at the expense of you and the women you love.

It starts with October, so-called “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

But BCAM, as it’s called——or B-SCAM, as I call it——wasn’t started by do-gooders hoping to raise “awareness,” and it wasn’t created by scientists hunting for a cure.

It was started by a drug company!

You can look it up, folks. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was launched in 1985 by Zeneca Group——then part of Imperial Chemical Industries and today part of AstraZeneca——along with the American Cancer Society, which itself is essentially the public lobbying arm of the drug industry and Cancer, Inc.

You don’t need me to tell you what a drug company’s goal in marketing “awareness” is. It’s to sell drugs, and to that end B-SCAM might be the most wildly successful marketing effort of all time.

“Awareness” leads to screenings... screenings lead to treatments... and treatments lead to more money in the Big Pharma coffers.

Yes, that means every stupid pink ribbon you’re forced to wear and every dollar you’re guilted into giving Komen and other cancer “charities” (HA!) is really just more money being used to help SELL cancer screenings and treatments.

But you don’t have to put up with it anymore, because today I’m going to give you everything you need to fight back. I’m giving you my guide to the...


SCAM #1: Mammograms: This is where the scam starts, so-called “early detection” which leads you to “early treatment.”

What they won’t tell you is that most breast cancers detected by mammogram are ductal carcinoma in situ, a non-event cancer that will almost never turn invasive.

It doesn’t need treatment, early or otherwise. It needs to be left alone.

But if you want to turn that harmless tumor into a cold-blooded killer, here’s what you do: crush it so it can break open and allow the cells to spread to surrounding tissue. Then, for good measure, shoot some radiation at it.

Yes, I’ve just described a mammogram!

But forget all that and just focus on a recent study out of Canada in which half of the women were given regular mammograms, while the other half were told to avoid them.

And over 25 years, the death rate was exactly the same in both groups.

If mammograms were saving lives, why would that be?

Answer: It’s not saving lives. It’s a scam.

SCAM #2: Needle Biopsies: Clearly, the best way to keep a harmless tumor from growing is to leave it alone. Don’t crush in during a mammogram, and don’t poke it with a needle.

Studies show that when a tumor is invaded with a needle during a biopsy, cancer cells can enter the bloodstream.

If you didn’t have cancer before the biopsy, give it some time——because those newly released cells could form a truly dangerous tumor that could kill you 10-20 years down the road.

One study of 663 women with breast cancer found that those who had needle biopsies were 50 percent more likely to later suffer cancer of the lymphatic nodes under the armpit.

So leave the darned things alone. Don’t squish them. Don’t zap them. Don’t poke them. And don’t even grope them because of...

SCAM #3: Self-Examinations: So if mammograms are a scam, maybe you should stick to self-examinations, right?

Women are taught the moment they grow boobs to start groping themselves in the shower, looking for lumps.

Do they find them? You bet they do! Breasts ARE lumpy——they contain the mammary glands needed for milk production.

So lumps are normal, but the moment a woman feels one she panics. Of course she panics, because of everything she’s learned from the “awareness.”

She rushes to the doctor, who orders up a mammogram or lumpectomy and, next think you know, she’s getting “early treatment” for a tumor that never would have hurt her.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, because the science speaks louder than I ever will: Some 266,000 women were divided into two groups. Half were trained to perform self-exams and told to grope themselves regularly, half were told to keep their hands off their boobs.

Fast-forward 10 years, and there was no difference in the rate of death from breast cancer. None.

SCAM #4: Genetic Testing: This is the future of medicine. But here in the present, it’s being used to con people into treatments they don’t need for diseases they don’t have and may never get.

And it’s being outright abused to victimize women who may have a higher risk of breast cancer.

Ladies, the so-called breast cancer gene is not a death sentence. IF you do test for it——and IF you do have it——it’s just something to keep an eye on with the help of a naturopathic doc. But pre-emptively hacking a breast off simply because you’re at risk for it is like pre-emptively drowning yourself because you live in a floodplain.

But it’s happening——whether it’s because of genetic testing or just plain fear, many women are getting conned into one of the worst mistakes of their lives.

It’s called...

SCAM #5: Preventive Mastectomy: Some women get suckered into genetic tests and learn they have a higher risk of the disease. Others are diagnosed with cancer in one breast, and therefore are at risk for cancer in the other.

And of course some doc is standing by, knife in his hand, ready to slice and dice to put her mind at ease (oh, and add money to his bank account).

Well, it’s true you can’t get cancer in a part of the body you don’t have. But odds are, you wouldn’t have gotten cancer anyway——and if you did, you wouldn’t have died from it.


Again, I don’t expect you to simply believe me (although you should). Believe the science.

A major new study looked at more than 100,000 women with stage I or II breast cancers. Some had only the breast with cancer removed. Others had both lopped off——the cancerous one and the healthy one.

If this scheme to disfigure women willy-nilly worked, the gals who had both breasts hacked off would have a higher survival rate.

But they don’t. The study finds a “difference” of less than 1 percent.

So keep your breast, ladies. Don’t let a surgeon near it, and don’t even poke it with the back of a pin from a pink ribbon, because of...

SCAM #6: Breast Cancer Awareness: Whether it’s this month or any other month, don’t let the Pink Ribbon Mafia guilt or bully you into donations (and don’t even think about sticking that B-SCAM ribbon to your chest).

They use that money to fund a disinformation “awareness” campaign aimed at getting more women screened and treated. And each woman who goes through this ordeal truly believes that treatment saved her life——so much so that she in turn becomes an evangelist for “awareness.”

It’s the perfect system——the perfect SCAM——and that’s why we need to end this right now.