Mammogram costs (and dangers) skyrocketing

Mainstream cancer screening digs for gold -- not tumors

If you're having trouble coughing up the dough for your annual mammogram hold on to your hat, it's about to get worse.

Let's face it, the minute you plunk down your cash on a worthless mammogram, all you've bought is a pig in a poke. And another Ivy League study proves it.

Turns out the latest and greatest mammogram technology isn't so hot at detecting early cancers -- but it does have an exciting new feature that turns your purse upside down and shakes out every penny you have.

Yale scientists say that all it took was seven years for the price of mammograms in America to increase by a staggering 42%, from $73 to $115. And it's all because every mainstream office you know has been conned into buying hot new "digital mammogram" technology -- and you're stuck making the payments.

Now, you can't throw a dart without hitting some mainstream apologist who will tell you that $115 is a small price to pay for a test that can save your life. Well, if these saps really want to learn something, they'll swing by your local supermarket -- because there's a good reason a half gallon of milk costs less than a full gallon.

When you get less, you should pay less.

And if you've contorted your way through an uncomfortable mammogram during the past decade, there's a good chance you were getting LESS of what you want -- and a whole lot MORE of what you don't.

Docs have been pushing pricey 3-D mammograms that double the radiation risk and "computer-aided detection" tests that don't find any more cancers... or save any more lives. But just like the Corvair was unsafe at any speed, mammograms can be deadly -- no matter which technology you use.

A major New England Journal of Medicine study found that mammograms have led to 1.3 million unnecessary treatments over the past three decades, and the radiation from the test can actually GIVE you cancer.

Mammograms don't save many lives -- but they ruin plenty. Canadian scientists followed 90,000 women for 25 years and found that regular mammograms won't add a single day to your life.

So if your doc is giving you the hard sell for his latest and greatest mammogram contraption, remind him you're not a piece of meat – or a farmer. And tell him to sell his pig somewhere else.