Once upon a time, anyone who questioned fluoride was considered delusional, crazy and paranoid.

Remember “Dr. Strangelove?”

But now, one of the world’s leading mainstream medical journals has confirmed that we’re not paranoid or delusional, and we’re certainly not crazy——because they’ve come right out and called fluoride what it really is: a developmental neurotoxicant.

In plain English, that means it can transform bright little kids into mouth-breathing morons.

The study in The Lancet is hardly the first to make the link. Back in 2012, a Harvard University review of 27 studies found convincing evidence that fluoride damages intelligence in children.

Remember, you don’t grow out of stupid. Each fluoride-induced little moron eventually becomes a full-grown adult idiot. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look around you. You can see the effects of fluoride everywhere from the halls of our schools to the halls of Congress.

Don’t think the powers-that-be (the real powers, and that’s not your elected officials) are unaware of this “side effect.” For them, it’s not a side effect at all. It’s a BENEFIT, because they would love nothing more than to rule over a nation of dullards and simps.

And it looks to me like that wish is rapidly coming true.

If you weren’t exposed to it as a kid, you’re not in the clear. Even as an adult, fluoride can cause your brain to soak up aluminum, leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It can also lead to brittle bone and even bone cancer, especially in seniors.

You’d think for all that risk fluoride would actually have some advantage——like protecting teeth as advertised.

But that benefit’s been badly oversold. Fluoride can actually discolor and damage the very teeth it’s supposed to protect——and it doesn’t even fight tooth decay directly.

Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know a thing about what causes teeth to rot.

That’s bacteria, which form the plaque that coat your teeth. They love sugar and starch, which is why junk food will increase plaque and speed decay.

Fluoride doesn’t do squat to those bacteria. In theory, it makes your teeth a little stronger so they can withstand the assault a little better. But even if that were true (and that’s debatable), why put up with the risks when there’s a much more obvious and direct solution...


You can fight plaque, strengthen your teeth, prevent gum disease and give yourself the strongest set of fangs in town——and you can do it for pennies a day.

You don’t need any pricey toothpastes, not even the supposedly all-natural stuff. Heck, you don’t even need a toothbrush. Just plain old baking soda and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide will do the trick.

Mix them into a paste, then work it into your teeth and gums.

You can use a toothbrush if you want, but you may find it easier to use
your fingertips.

Next step is to rinse, but don’t use water and stay away from the nasty (and expensive) mouthwashes. Use the same peroxide——swish it around to get
the paste out, and spit (don’t swallow).

Don’t forget to floss daily. And if you really want to up your dental health, get yourself a water irrigator to clean your gums and the gaps between your teeth.

You’ll have the strongest, cleanest, brightest smile around——and your trips to the dentist will be short and painless.