The Douglass Report August 2014

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It’s the ultimate nightmare: Millions dead, forced vaccinations for the living and martial law declared as armed goons in moonsuits patrol our streets.

But it’s not some far-fetched scenario from a rejected Hollywood script.

No, this is your future——OUR future.

It could be next week, next month or next year. It might be a decade or more from now. But mark my words, it WILL happen as viruses mutate and transform themselves into the ultimate killing machines.

Maybe it’ll be a new form of MERS, SARS or bird flu. It could be a mutant strain of ebola, West Nile, chikungunya. Who knows, it could even be some future swine flu.

More likely, it’ll be something you haven’t heard of... yet. And while it could be something that arises out of nature, I think it’s far more likely that the Doomsday Virus of Tomorrow will be manufactured, much like AIDS (yes, I said it), in a government or Big Pharma lab.

Now, before you accuse me of wrapping my head in tin foil, take a look at the recent headlines as labs both in the United States and overseas admit they have been transforming already-deadly viruses into powerful new killers.

This is not a conspiracy theory; this is a fact. The U.S. government just pumped $400 million into a Big Pharma-linked organization known as the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority.

Among its projects? A bird flu vaccine.

Bird flu almost never jumps to humans——and when it does, it’s rarely deadly. So why the sudden urge to pump millions into a project to develop a vaccine for it?

Don’t ask me... ask your Congressman (just don’t expect a straightforward answer).

Here’s another fact, I’ll let you decide if it’s related or not: In China, researchers created 127 new mutations of bird flu——more powerful versions of the disease, many of which have the power to pass from person to person if they ever escape the lab.

Y’know... if they ever “go missing.”

Can’t happen? Well, here’s another recent headline for you: A major lab in France admits some 2,000 test tubes of the SARS virus recently “went missing,” according to the official report, which makes it sound as if the test tubes walked off on their own.

Let’s face facts here. Nothing “went missing.”

They were almost certainly SOLD OR STOLEN!

Understand that deadly virus samples aren’t like keys left in your pants when you send them to the laundry, and they certainly don’t roll behind the sofa in the staff lounge.

These things have to be carefully handled, with full-body protection, so the notion that they were simply misplaced or forgotten reeks of BS.

Were they sold to a rival lab? A foreign government? A terrorist organization? Were they stolen?

Or is there something even more sinister going on here?

Whatever the reason——whether it’s government mismanagement, a terrorist plot, a tragic lab accident, or the ultimate conspiracy——the fact remains that these viruses are not only out there, but more are being created every day.

And that means you need to protect yourself and your family right now——and you can start with my guide to...


In the days when our military actually meant something, we had defense conditions——or DefCon——to indicate the threat level, not the stupid coloring-book scheme that Homeland Insecurity now uses.

So let me resurrect that system, with a little artistic license, to describe the threats you can and will face:

DEFCON ONE: This is the here and now. There’s nothing out there——yet——that might wipe out millions, but this is no time to relax.

It’s time to take action.

First, stockpile supplies in case you need to shelter in place during a viral outbreak, and make sure you have a plan to leave town if the vaccine-pushing goon squad starts goose-stepping through town in the name of some real (or fabricated) outbreak.

And make sure your family has a safe place to meet——ideally a cabin in the woods somewhere, or maybe the local harbor where the family boat is stocked with supplies and ready to sail on a moment’s notice.

DEFCON TWO: It’s flu season and——just as they claim every year——this one will be the “worst one yet.”

But don’t roll up your sleeves and let some kook inject you with a syringe full of aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze ingredients and the cells of aborted fetuses (all of which are used in flu shots).

Work on boosting your immune system instead. Plain old vitamin D, for example, is 800 percent more effective than vaccines against flu and can prevent other viral illnesses as well.

And don’t forget old-fashioned good hygiene. Simply washing your hands can stop the spread of viral infections, including flu.

DEFCON THREE: OK, so now the talking heads are squawking about some supposed flu threat.

Don’t believe the hype.

Most “pandemics” are little more than government-funded fear campaigns to get people vaccinated, aka the swine flu nonevent of 2009.

But keep your eyes peeled——and read The Douglass Report——and trust what you see and hear for yourself. If there seems to be a bad bug going around and it’s more than just Pig Panic, double up on your immune boosting nutrients, go over your supplies and have a plan of action for what you and your family will do if something does break out.

Don’t be shy about protecting yourself here. Wear a surgical mask and gloves when you’re out, don’t touch anything and certainly don’t touch your mouth, your nose, your eyes or anything else until you’ve had a chance to get home and completely disinfect yourself.

DEFCON FOUR: If there’s a real outbreak, visit a physician who can provide you with intravenous vitamin C, the single most potent immune-booster out there.

This is critical to keeping up your defenses and essential if you suspect you might be sick. (Don’t wait, either——a true viral killer can start out as a sniffle on Monday and have half the neighborhood dead by Friday.)

Limit your time out and about, and consider taking off for that cabin (or your boat) if it’s starting to get bad. Even if it’s not in your community——yet——the time to hit the road is BEFORE it arrives.

DEFCON FIVE: This is the ultimate nightmare... a Spanish Flu scenario that wipes out hundreds of thousands or even millions. This is where your stockpile of supplies will come in handy because if the bodies are piling up...


In the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918, the ones who lived were the ones who didn’t go out——the ones who watched from their windows as their friends and neighbors were pulled out of their homes on stretchers... or in body bags.

And if you want to live, that’s what you’ll do during the next big outbreak.

Yes, maybe you’ll have to leave at some point (or head off to that cabin in the woods). But for every trip you make... for everything you do that’s outside of your home... ask yourself: Is this trip worth my life?

If it’s not, stay in.