The Douglass Report July 2014

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The secret to a longer life...?BEERS, STEERS AND STOGIES

It’s everything you want——everything you crave out of life——and it’s locked inside the three things you’ve been told to avoid at all costs.

No wonder so many people are so miserable these days!

But not me. And if you’ve been following my advice, not you, either——because WE know the truth, and the truth is this: vegetarianism sucks!

People who eat little to no meat, in theory, are supposed to be healthy. A major new study out of Australia confirms that greenies have lower cholesterol, thinner waistlines and smaller BMIs. They’re also less likely to drink, and they certainly don’t smoke (they probably fake-cough anytime they even see a stogie).

They should be pictures of perfect health.

Yet that same study finds just the opposite. They’re sick, miserable and more likely to drop dead at anytime than certified carnivores, including those of us who drink and light up.

Veg-heads are 50 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack and 50 percent more likely to get cancer. They also have double the risk of asthma and allergies, probably a side effect of inhaling all the by products produced by a diet heavy in beans and sprouts. (But they would BENEFIT from the side-stream smoke of a fine cigar.)

Some of these people walk around in a permanent yellow gas cloud. (I’m not kidding——and if you have any hardcore vegan friends, you know I’m not.)

Think that’s enough? That’s just for starters——because the study in PLos One finds these bunny-huggers are also more likely to suffer from other chronic illness and even more likely to battle mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Even the lower weight isn’t much of a “plus” when you consider that most of them aren’t just thin. They’re feeble and weak——because a diet too low in the protein, fat and essential amino acids you’ll find in meat will cause your muscle to wither away.

Naturally, these bean-brains are already crying in their tofu about the study (which only proves the part about mood disorders is true). They’re griping that some of the supposed vegetarians in it actually ate a little meat from time to time.

But this is in fact precisely how the average so-called vegetarian operates, even if most of them won’t admit it.

They cheat!

Vegetarians cheat, and vegans in particular cheat. Even Bill Clinton, who went from the world’s most famous Big Mac fan to the world’s most famous vegan, admits to cheating on his diet. (The man’s consistent, if nothing else.)

The cheating isn’t bad for him or any other vegan. The cheating might be the only thing keeping them alive. The reason is simple: Animal fats and proteins are simply not the demons they’ve been made out to be.

Just the opposite. As the new study confirms, meat is essential to human life, and anyone who tells you otherwise is pushing a radical agenda that has nothing to do with your health or science——because while the study may be new, the results are not.

In fact, it’s perfectly consistent with all the other research on a meat-based diet vs. a plant-based disaster.

One major study split 458 middle-aged men who had recently suffered a heart attack or angina into two groups. The first group was allowed to keep eating saturated fats. The second had to replace these healthy animal fats with plant oils, cutting saturated fat to just 10 percent of their calories.

In other words, the first group got steak and butter... while the second got margarine, probably on rice cakes or something equally gross.

That second group ended up with picture-perfect cholesterol levels, at least by mainstream levels. Their doctors must’ve wet themselves with glee... right up to the moment their patients started to drop like flies.

Yes, they kicked off at DOUBLE the rate of the men who were allowed to keep eating saturated fats. They were more likely to die of heart disease and other heart-related problems, and even more likely to die from any cause.

This wasn’t some goofy article printed in the letters section of a pulp magazine. This was a major study published in BMJ (British Medical Journal), one of the leading medical journals on the planet.

Similarly, a 2010 study out of India——where 40 percent of the country is vegetarian——found that those who passed on meat were badly deficient in vitamin B12, which is critical to your heart, brain and more. As a result of this critical deficiency, these vegetarians had high levels of homocysteine, an inflammation marker linked to coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and atherosclerosis (not to mention dementia and a host of other problems).

Of course, you CAN ruin a meat-based diet. You can eat plenty of meat and end up fat, sick and dead just like a vegan.

But that won’t happen if you follow my...


These are simple steps anyone can follow——steps that can simplify your diet and improve the health of your entire family. And you can start with:


The fats, proteins and nutrients in meat can protect you from a lot of things——but they can’t protect you from the ravages of sugar, flour, corn and soy.

So as you adopt a meat-based diet, be sure to pass on the breads, cakes and sugar-soaked deserts. Bring your carb consumption down to as close to zero as possible.


The fastest way to ruin a steak is to overcook it——and not just because it looks and tastes like a hockey puck.

Overcooking meat causes the creation of cancer-causing compounds such as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Burned meat in particular stimulates the production of advanced glycation end products, which in turn leads to chronic disease and faster aging. But it’s OK if you char it a little (yummy) as long as the middle is rare.


Don’t be afraid of organ meats such as the liver, sweet breads (thymus or pancreas), kidneys, and even hearts. These meats are packed with essential nutrients and healthy compounds. Sheep testacies are fairly popular in Japan, but I found them rather tasteless.

You won’t find a better source of high-quality fats and cholesterol, essential B vitamins, choline, vitamin K2 and more. In addition, essential trace minerals generally not found in meat tend to accumulate in the organs.


You know me. I don’t buy into “organic” and “local” with everything. In many cases, those are buzzwords used to scam you out of a few dollars.

But that’s not true with meat. Factory farms are festering pits that churn out diseased meat loaded with hormones, antibiotics and dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. Two recent studies found close to 90 percent of supermarket meat contained bacteria, and half contained drug-resistant bugs.

Even worse, these animals are fed nutrition-free garbage such as corn and grain, not to mention soy, a plant form of estrogen. Eat factory-produced meats, and you’re eating all that junk, as well. After all, you are what you eat.

Organic free-range animals aren’t dosed with drugs and hormones, and they’re allowed to eat the natural diet God intended, giving the meat a higher ration of omega-3 fatty acids, more nutrients and better taste. That’s all there is to it.

I’d like to think this “eating plan” is really just plain common sense, but one look around and you know it’s pretty uncommon these days.

Uncommon is good. Be uncommon, and be healthy.