What you don’t know about? calcium can leave you crippled…? Here’s the REAL secret to strong bone

As you get older, your bones get weaker. It doesn’t seem fair, but that’s how life deals it.

But, I’m going to give you an ace to stick up your sleeve——I’m going to let you in on a secret that can stop bone loss in its tracks and regrow what you’ve lost.

That means no crippling breaks and fractures even if you do fall. And it’s practically a guarantee you’ll never know the hell that is osteoporosis.

And best of all: You can do it safely... naturally... and without a single drug.

What you need is calcium. (I bet you already guessed that. But if you think you already know all about calcium just wait, you’re in for a shock.)

Now, put down the calcium chews. Those things are great if you want to rot your teeth, but they won’t do a thing to protect your bones. Sure, they’re loaded with calcium (and sugar and God only knows what else), but it’s a cheap low-quality form of calcium.

Most of them use calcium carbonate, which is so poorly absorbed that the bulk of it goes in one end and out the other. If you’re young and healthy, you’ll only absorb about 22 percent of this stuff. And if you’re older, you might get as little as 4 percent.

Yes, you can gnaw on these things until your jaws get sore and you still won’t get anything close to what you need.

Even the calcium in your food doesn’t get absorbed very well as you get older, with seniors able to use less than a third of what they eat.

So you fall short. And when you fall short, your body produces extra parathyroid hormone to suck out the calcium you have stored in your bones.

This hurts you in two ways.

First, it leads to brittle bone and even osteoporosis.

And second, it causes too much calcium in the bloodstream going to places it shouldn’t——leading to brain damage, arthritis, atherosclerosis and more.

I know it seems like a losing battle. Your body can’t use the calcium you put in, and using the calcium you have could hurt or even kill you.

It’s called the calcium paradox, and millions of people are suffering from its devastating effects right now. But I’m here today with a solution, and you’re not going to believe how easy this one is.

All you need is a form of calcium your body CAN absorb.

Dr. Takuo Fujita, a former president of Japan’s Osteoporosis Foundation and author of more than 400 scientific papers on calcium, discovered just such a form of this mineral.

It’s called AACa, and the best source is oyster shells.

The catch, of course, is that those shells are also loaded with heavy metals such as lead——but Dr. Fujita found that heating the shells to nearly 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit cooked off the metals and left a fine ash packed with AACa.

So far so good. But this gets better, because he also discovered an amino acid hidden in algae that further enhances the absorption of calcium.

The two form the heart of his special breakthrough formula, AdvaCal 1000, and studies confirm this formula is like...


In one groundbreaking clinical trial of 136 osteoporosis patients, AdvaCal increased spinal bone mineral density by 8 percent over three years.

Yes, increased——that means their bones got STRONGER.

Patients given a placebo, on the other hand, saw their bone mineral density fall by 3.5 percent.

Another study of 58 women with an average age of 82 found AdvaCal increased bone mineral density by 3 percent over 2 years. Yes, 82 years old and still AdvaCal helped them grow new bone.

Women taking plain old calcium-carbonate supplements, on the other hand, saw a boost of just 0.6 percent, or almost nothing at all, while women on a placebo lost 2 percent of their bone mineral density.

And in yet another study, AdvaCal increased trabecular (or “spongy” bone) forearm bone density by 6 percent in just four months. Women on a placebo saw no benefit, and women taking calcium-carbonate supplements saw a negligible increase AND actually saw a decrease in their cortical bone (that’s the hard layer of outer bone).

And if that’s not enough, there’s also evidence that AdvaCal can help prevent kidney stones, fight off Alzheimer’s and slash levels of parathyroid hormone. (Now THOSE are the kinds of “side effects” I can stand behind.)

Of course, with results that big, you can bet there are powerful interests aligned against it. There’s an entire industry out there that wants to make sure you never hear of it——and they’ve been using every dirty trick in the book.

But in classic David and Goliath fashion LaneLabs always manages to come out on top.

Who needs dirty tricks when you’ve got science on your side?

Now, in my opinion, AdvaCal is worth every penny at full price. But you know me——I’m always on the prowl for a deal, so I reached out to LaneLabs to see if they could do something special for my readers. And boy did they come through for us.

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