Second Amendment under assault: YOUR SHRINK WANTS YOUR GUNS

If the Founding Fathers could see what’s happened to the Bill of Rights they so carefully crafted, they’d start a new revolution——because all the freedoms they spilled their blood to preserve are being tossed right into the crapper.

I could go on for hours about the abuses to all 10 Amendments, but today I’m going to focus on just one——one that’s under assault from a place where you’d least expect it.

It’s the Second Amendment, or your right to bear arms.

The pinkos in the White House have openly vowed to bypass Congress and take that right away from you. And now, they’re making good on that threat not only with (illegal) executive orders, but also by enlisting help from a so-called branch of medicine: psychiatry.

Under a new Obama Administration proposal, shrinks would be empowered to throw patient privacy laws out the window and call the feds on anyone they think shouldn’t have a gun.

Ready for the worst part? Are you sure?

He doesn’t need to give a reason!

In a level of sick irony I’ve never seen before (and that’s saying a lot), your shrink won’t be allowed to give a reason. No, the reason itself would still be subject to privacy laws.

When he makes that call, all he has to say is “that guy shouldn’t have a gun” and, next thing you know, some jackbooted thug with a cheap badge is busting down your door, tearing apart your home and seizing all your weapons.

And just like that, your Second Amendment rights are gone forever.

Of course, you can fight the shrink in court. This is still America, after all, and the one thing we excel at is endless legal battles. But if you decide to go down fighting (legally speaking), you’ll have to find and pay for another shrink to testify as to how sound you really are AND get ready for the original shrink to air all your dirty laundry in court, because once you file that lawsuit your privacy rights go flying right out the window.

Suddenly everything you’ve ever told your shrink will be available for prying government eyes.

It’s bad enough when these quacks try to disarm you. But what makes this so much worse is that they’ve already been quietly using similar rules to disarm some of our most respected, capable and loyal citizens: American veterans.

Is it because ex-soldiers are so unhinged they’re all ready to go out on a shooting spree, as the hysterical far left would like you to believe? Or is it because these loyal, well-trained citizens might be the first to stand up and shout “NO!” to a tyrannical government that’s using the Bill of Rights as toilet paper?

I’ll let you decide, but I think the numbers speak for themselves: Already, some 175,000 proud and healthy veterans have been disarmed for supposed mental health reasons, and not just by any old shrinks.

Nope... they’ve had their guns taken away under orders from government shrinks employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If that’s not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

It’s time to stand up and fight for your rights——stand up and make sure this nonsense stops here. And you can start with my...


Step One: Never——but never——visit a shrink. Most of them are nuttier than any of their patients anyway, and useless to boot. If you have the type that likes to gab, you’ll be expected to waste time in his Freudian daybed talking about your mother twice a week for the rest of your life at $100 a pop (or at least a $35 copay).

The rest want to medicate you with drugs that’ll rot your brain from the inside.

If you still have your gun, those drugs could actually cause you to use it... on yourself! Yes, my friend, an actual side effect of “mental health” drugs is suicide.

Step Two: If you happen to be suffering from what seems like a mental health issue, make your first step a naturopathic physician, not a shrink. Many mood and anxiety problems are caused by some combination of nutritional issues or hormonal imbalances. Find a REAL doctor, and you’ll get a REAL treatment, not a fistful of meds or endless psychobabble.

And if you do have a true disorder in the brain itself, the man you want to see isn’t a shrink. It’s a neurologist.

Step Three: Be heard. Don’t waste your time contacting the White House. That’s probably the fastest way to get on the enemies list (and have your guns taken away). Instead, contact your lawmakers and urge them to fight this now, or be voted out of office.

Be ready to make good on that threat and vote in November. There’s too much at stake to spend this election at home.

Am I off the subject of health? Not at all; an armed society is a polite society and therefore good for your health.