The sexual secret for men and women alike…

Set fire to your bedroom with this easy trick!

Nothing can take the spring out of your step quite like a sex problem.

You don’t just feel lousy in the bedroom when you can’t perform. You feel lousy all the time——in part because lack of sex can deprive you of the release of the feel-good hormones that accompany the deed, and in part because the inability to “do it” can sap you of your confidence and rob you of energy.

And it’s as true for women as it is for men.

Well, today I’m going to let you in on a little secret– something that works for men and women alike to boost desire and pleasure. And unlike the penis pills sold to men that you need to have on hand any time you want to get down to business, this simple trick will make it so you’re ready to romp whenever the mood strikes.

The trick is in boosting your body’s levels of a single essential molecule, nitric oxide, or NO.

Or, put another way, when your body has the nitric oxide it needs, you have the power to...

Turn NO not today into “Oh, oh YES!”

NO plays a number of roles in the body. But the most important one is circulation. Care to guess the leading cause of lackluster sex in men and women alike?

That’s right——poor circulation.

When your nitric oxide levels fall, your arteries can’t relax (yes you get stiff, but in all the WRONG places) and your once free-flowing circulation turns into a freeway at rush hour——and that means essential oxygen and nutrients are stuck in a traffic jam and can’t reach your vital parts.

And what’s more vital than your “down there” parts?

The result: erection woes in men, and problems with lubrication and desire in women.

Now, there are a number of ways to boost your NO. A little sunlight, for example, can help set off a reaction that increases your body’s NO levels. The supposedly unhealthy nitrates in foods such as bacon and sausages can also do the trick. And the amino acid L-arginine can be converted into nitric oxide inside the body, but only if you’re under 40. That leaves a whole lot of us looking for an alternative.

It turns out the single most effective way to get this stuff, get it fast and get it in truly helpful amounts is to go right to the source——the nitric oxide itself. Just one problem: NO breaks down very quickly, making it tough to get via most forms of supplementation.

That’s why I’m so excited by a recent discovery that puts the NO directly into your body quickly and effectively and then promotes your own production over time.

It’s a nifty little lozenge called Neo40 Daily. You let it dissolve in your mouth, and it sends the NO straight into your body via your saliva.

The effect is immediate. I’m told some people can even feel the difference instantly. And if you take one or two lozenges daily, you’ll be able to maintain those healthy NO levels all day, every day——and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

The biggest one, of course, is that boost in circulation.

In women, that can light a fire in the bedroom, increasing lubrication and heightened sensitivity right where it counts——“down there.”

And in men, that improved blood flow is the key to long-lasting enjoyment with erections that are ready, willing, and able to get the job done on command.

Remember, this stuff isn’t like a prescription penis pill. You don’t have to have one handy right before sex, and popping one won’t make you hard right after taking it. Instead, the increased levels of NO in your body from regular use will give you the power to perform wherever and whenever you——and your partner——desire.

In men and women alike, that leads to the...

Intense, room-shaking orgasms you used to have!

No wonder they call NO the “miracle molecule.” I’m focusing on the benefits to your intimacy because this is the sexy stuff, (in every sense). But believe it or not, that bedroom boost isn’t the only benefit you’ll be getting.

It’s not even the best benefit—because along with benefiting your love life, NO can benefit your life-life.

In fact, proper NO levels can help your body maintain healthy, flowing arteries, and healthy triglyceride levels, and can even help protect diabetics from some of the worst complications——including kidney and vision issues.  There’s even evidence that healthy NO levels can support your immune system, bone health and overall cognition.

Yes, my friend, NO is just that important——and that’s why it’s essential to make sure you have proper levels whether you plan on getting busy in the bedroom or not. And with these handy-dandy little lozenges, it’s now easier than ever to get what you need.

I should mention that everything has the potential to cause side effects, and Neo40 is no exception. In this case, it’s pretty hilarious (if a tad unromantic).

You might burp a little. NO is a gas, after all. If anything, a couple of burps mean the stuff is working as advertised.

I’ve reached out to Neogenis Laboratories, the makers of this life-changing little tablet, and asked if they could offer Douglass Report readers a break. And did they ever respond!

They’re so eager to show you just how well Neo40 works that they’ve arranged a special offer for my readers. To claim your discount simply use code TDR414 when ordering online at or by phone at 888-571-3812. You can buy 2 boxes of Neo40® Daily for just $99 (normally $59.95 each) plus you’ll get a FREE copy of the book “The Nitric Oxide Solution” a $14.95 value AND Free Ground Shipping in the contiguous United States!