The Douglass Report February 2014

Heart health never tasted so good...


The calendar might say 2014——but when it comes to heart health, we’re still stuck in the Dark Ages.

The FDA, CDC, American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology and more have it so wrong they may as well be arguing that the sun revolves around the Earth.

Avoid fats! Cut back on salt! Lower your blood pressure! And don’t forget to take your statins!

They’re so WRONG they couldn’t find right with a map——and it’s getting worse, as they’ve now doubled down on the bad advice by issuing new guidelines that will double the number of Americans on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to 72 million.

That’s 6 in 10 of everyone over the age of 45 given dangerous drugs that can cause diabetes, memory loss, sexual dysfunction, liver and kidney damage and muscle disintegration——and that’s just the short list.

Someday, scientists will look back on this era and wonder how the human race even survived, because cholesterol isn’t the problem in the first place. It’s not the cause of heart attack, it’s not the cause of stroke and——despite what you’ve heard——you actually NEED cholesterol for overall health, immune system function, brain support and more.

And that means you’ve got to make a choice, right here and right now. You can either (1) follow the FDA, CDC, AHA, ACC and more over the cliff with the rest of the lemmings and see what’s at the bottom (SPLAT!)——or (2) you can take the common-sense steps you need to protect your heart and keep the blood flowing through your body.

I suggest option 2. It’s better, safer, cheaper and involves no medications at all——because your blood vessels don’t need meds. They need the very things you’ve been told to avoid.

I call them the...


Yes, that’s right... just ignore all the blah-blah-blah about cholesterol and BP levels and give your blood vessels what they’re really begging you for. And you can start on the path to heart health and good circulation with the best way to start your day...

Coffee: You’ve heard coffee is bad for you. Maybe you’ve even heard it can raise your blood pressure——and if your own BP is ticking a little high, your doctor has almost certainly lectured you to keep away from your favorite morning drink.

Let me put this as nicely as I can: He’s full of it (and by “it,” I don’t mean coffee beans). Coffee ISN’T bad for you——and if it does raise your blood pressure, the effect will be barely noticeable and completely insignificant.

I can write a book on all the benefits of coffee, but today I’m going to stick to what it does for your blood vessels——because a new study hot off the medical presses confirms what I’ve been telling you all along... that a daily cup of mud or two is better for your cardiovascular health than any cholesterol killing statin drug or BP med on the market.

Just 75 minutes after you sip your java, your small blood vessel function improves by nearly a third, according to the study. There’s not a drug in the world that can do that.

I can’t emphasize the importance of this, because the small blood vessels have a very BIG job: They bring nutrients and oxygen to the heart, brain, muscle and more.

The study helps explain why coffee drinkers have a lower risk of heart disease and heart attack——and coffee isn’t the only drink that can boost your blood vessels.

Booze: Alcohol can fight inflammation, boost HDL cholesterol, cut plasma viscosity, reduce fibrinogen, decrease platelet aggregation and improve the function of the endothelial cells that line your blood vessel walls. Booze (beer, wine, rum, vodka, etc.——but not all at the same time, of course) can also dilate blood vessels, which improves your circulation.

And some people have the nerve to say drinking is bad for you.

So drink up——and feel free to “pick your poison,” because contrary to popular perception, red wine isn’t the only drink that’s good for your heart. Just about every alcoholic beverage, from a bottle of beer to grand pappy’s moonshine, will do the trick. The only rule you need to follow is the obvious one: Don’t overdo it. A drink or two a night is enough.

DARK MEAT: You’ve heard chicken is good for you, and it is. But the mainstream know-it-alls will tell you to stick to the breast meat and avoid the skin and dark meat because they’re too fatty.

Nonsense! The dark meat is actually one of the HEALTHIEST parts of the chicken (and the skin isn’t too bad, either). Dark meat is loaded with heart-friendly fats and is one of nature’s best sources of taurine, which can block the hormone that causes your blood vessels to tighten up.

Taurine can also help your blood vessels to expand, allowing blood to flow freely and reducing the risk of blockage——which is why studies have shown people with high levels of taurine in the diet have a lower risk of heart disease, heart attack, heart failure and death.

Forget anticholesterol statins——take two chicken thighs and DON’T call me in the morning.

Cocoa: Good news, chocolate lovers——cocoa isn’t bad for you. It’s GREAT for you, loaded with antioxidants that can protect heart and brain alike. And cocoa can help bring nitric oxide to the lining of your blood vessels, helping them to relax.

The best way to get your cocoa fix isn’t with a sugar-loaded candy bar. It’s by getting 100 percent pure cocoa powder and adding it into your drinks——including smoothies and coffee——and even your meals.

And if you’re going to sneak the occasional chocolate bar, make it as dark as you can stand. Dark chocolate is lower in nasty sugar and higher in healthy cocoa——the more bitter the better.

Garlic: OK, this one is technically not “forbidden” except in the social sense; eat garlic, and you get garlic breath.

But there’s nothing garlic can do to your mouth than an Altoid can’t fix, so stock up on mints and start adding garlic to everything——because garlic can repair oxidative damage to the endothelial cells that line your blood vessels.

That’s the type of damage that can cause particles to stick and blockages to form——but it looks like a little garlic breath is all it takes to force them back open.

Garlic is also an effective blood thinner that can melt away clots and stop new ones from forming. It can relax blood vessels so blood and oxygen flow freely. And it’s positively loaded with the polysulphides that your red blood cells use to create the hydrogen sulphide that dilates the blood vessels.

The best way to eat garlic is to crush whole cloves and let them sit for about 15 minutes. The crushing causes an enzyme reaction that enhances the healthy compounds hidden inside the garlic. Add it to your recipes raw if you can; cooking destroys those healthy compounds.

Remember... don’t stop with adding these forbidden foods to your diet. For maximum heart protection, it’s critical to switch to a diet low in carbohydrates and high in essential animal fats.

Incidentally, one of the best sources of CoQ10—a nutrient also proven to improve blood vessel function—is meat based as well; specifically, organ meat which would include liver, kidney, heart and “Sweetbreads” (pancreas and/or thymus—sounds ugh, but they’re delicious).

Ultimately, it’s those animal fats that will keep you alive. And in this day and age, animal fats are just about the most forbidden foods of all.